30 December 2015

Old School Finds: Vinyl x Batchoy

Wake up call at 7 in the morning? Check.
Friend actually arrives at 7:30 in the morning? Check.
LTO sends us on a complete wild goose chase? Check.
Ending up a winner after all the (mis)adventures of the morning? DOUBLE CHECK.

One of my law school friends asked me to accompany her as she ran some errands yesterday.  After a couple of (mis)adventures along the way, she asked me if I could still accompany her to Cubao Expo to look for some vinyl discs for her new turntable.  I didn't have any plans so I decided to come with even if I wouldn't really find anything interesting in the shop.

Surprisingly, I did find something in the store that caught my attention.  The Vinyl Dump, a vinyl records store located in the middle of Cubao Expo, was home to a hundred and more vinyl records.  This is what my friend came here for but what caught my eye was that the same store offered La Paz Batchoy for sale.  Yup, an old records store selling original la paz batchoy for only P45.  Since I wasn't feeling well, I decided to give it a try because 1) hot soup is good for a sick person, and 2) I wouldn't have anything to do for the next hour or so (while my dear friend searches every nook and cranny of that store for something she might like).

La Paz Batchoy
P45 (regular)

28 December 2015

All in a Day's Work: SxP Steak and Paella

After a really exhausting day compiling term papers for our labor class, one of my law school friends said she wanted some buffalo wings for dinner.  I gladly obliged since I was also feeling very hungry at the time (imagine carrying around 25 bound term papers around the mall hahaha).  When we got to Frankie's Buffalo Wings, I was surprised to find that it was located in the food court area of the new Fashion Hall of SM Megamall.  The other food choices quickly caught my attention and I forgot about the buffalo wings and started checking out the new food stalls.

20 December 2015

Cakes Made with Love: Love Cakes by Ann and Gan

I actually don't remember how I stumbled upon the Instagram account of siblings Ann and Gan, but the next thing I knew, I was already salivating over the photos of their gorgeous and delicious-looking cakes. I wanted to buy all of them and just taste how good they really are. Since mom's birthday was coming up anyway, I asked our uncles and aunts for financial help and decided to buy one of their cakes for her 52nd birthday.

I decided to get their 10x10 Fresh Fruit Cake since this seemed like the perfect cake for mom's age group (no offense, momma). I wanted to get the Strawberry Shortcake since I love strawberries, but I thought, this isn't for me. Their Naked Chocolate Cake and Heavenly Chocolate Cake looked tempting too, especially with the additional strawberries you could request, but the chocolate cake seemed more like for kids than mom and her amigas. The Mocha Cake was equally tempting but I wanted to try something different. We could get mocha cake from Hizon's anyway. 

They require at least a 2-day lead time when ordering any of their fabulous cakes. I ordered mom's cake a week before just to be sure. When we got the cake, it was just perfect! It was such a heavenly sight – white frosting with a ton of fresh, colorful fruits on top. It was also heavy so we all assumed this cake was siksik.

11 December 2015

12 Days of Christmas

Nothing can describe the past two weeks. Hours and hours of studying, comprehensive exams, plus feelings of failure and defeat. Eating just isn't enough anymore.Thankfully, I found a wonderful surprise waiting for me in my inbox.

There's a 12.12 Sale going on right now featuring the biggest and best online shops and establishments offering the ultimate deals! ShopBackPh is also offering increased cashback from 10 to 15 December 2015!

Calyxta, Ticketworld, Powerplant Cinemas, and Luxola are just some of the brands and establishments offering the best deals this weekend! Click on the link to check them out. 

Powerplant Cinema is offering two (2) cinemas passes with a purchase of four (4) tickets. Just in time for the end of finals!

ShopBack PH is also offering P100 for every referral and P999 for three. Isn't this just the perfect destresser? Online shopping while getting rebates. It's like a sale on a sale! 

So for all of you who are still crying over that torts exam by THE Atty. J. Lo, why don't you take a break, go online and indulge! 

12 October 2015

Daily Digest: Stuffed Wings at the Best Food Forward 2015

Who could resist buffalo wings? I mean really. If there's a non-Filipino food I would never say no to, it would be buffalo wings. The spicy, New York-style buffalo wings with bleu cheese dip. During the Best Food Forward 2015 weekend, I chanced upon this new buffalo wings stall. It looked like your typical buffalo wings but I just had to stop and ask about it because I found the price a bit too expensive -- P120 for two, TWO wings.

My bad. Apparently, I wasn't reading their price list in its entirety. The reason why it was expensive was because the buffalo wings were 1) deboned, and 2) it was STUFFED.

Buffed Wings

Buffed Wings is new in town. They introduced their Stuffed Buffalo Wings a couple of weeks back. Their buffalo wings are deboned and stuffed with a mix of rice, meat, vegetables and spices. Think buffalo wings stuffed with fried rice. It's like a meal on its own.

 Stuffed Buffalo Wings

You can choose one from three chicken flavors: Buffalo, Buffalo Wings Original BBQ Sauce, or Sweet Chili; and one from two dips: Ranch or Bleu Cheese. I went for the original buffalo sauce with bleu cheese dressing.

P120 for two stuffed wings, your choice of dip and flavor

It was a unique experience. Interesting concept and good choice of flavors. I liked how spicy their buffalo sauce was and how the bleu cheese dip complemented it (some "bleu cheese dips" claim to be such, but only taste like sweet mayo with bits of cheese).

Here's the however. However, I feel like there's something missing in their rice blend. I think they should either add or change their spice blend mixed in the rice. It doesn't go well with the buffalo wings. I'm not saying it doesn't taste good. What I'm saying is, they could improve the flavor of the rice blend so it could really complement the buffalo wings. They could also do away with the meat in the rice. The chicken wing itself is enough. The addition of the meat mixed with the rice inside the chicken just confuses one's tongue.

Either way, this is still a must try. It's a new concept plus, it's easy to eat. You have a complete meal with just one order. According to the owners, they still don't have a stall or permanent fixed location since it was their first time joining a bazaar. For more information, you can reach them in the number below.

Price: P120/serving (One Serving = Two Stuffed Wings)

4 out of 5 for Buffed Wings Stuffed Wings (the rice mix could be better)

Buffed Wings
0917 865 0801
0917 809 0516

11 October 2015

MNL Creamery at the Best Food Forward 2015

Finally got to try MNL Creamery's delicious gelato yesterday at the Best Food Forward in Rockwell Tent. Their unique take on some of their gelato flavors, especially the Manga't Suman, caught my attention and I've been wanting to try it since then. I have always been a fan of classic/traditional types of food (not a big fan of fusion) but I just couldn't resist not trying this unusual concoction.

MNL Creamery offers familiar flavors with a bit of a twist. These are just some of the flavors they have. Small, single scoop cups are sold at P120, while small, double scoop cups are sold at P150. I wanted to try their other flavors so I got the double scoop -- Manga't Suman and Ricotta Cheese with Orange. I was so tempted to get the more classic flavors like chocolate and strawberries and cream but I was able to resist the temptation. Thankfully, I did not give in.

The Manga't Suman was not as I imagined it to be. Or maybe I was just enjoying it too much that I did not notice the latik that was supposed to be in the mix. But I loved the sticky rice and the somewhat sweet-sour taste of the mangoes combination. As for the Ricotta Cheese with Orange, I was just influenced by the owner because he kept sharing that it was his personal favorite, and now I understand why. The saltiness of the cheese plus the surprising burst of orange pulp was just a joy waiting to be experienced. These weren't my usual gelato flavors but I loved every spoonful. I have yet to try their other flavors but so far, with this experience, I have a feeling the others will be just as unique and flavorful as the these two.

They don't have a standalone stall yet but according to the owner, they will be opening one in UP Town Center sometime next year. Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts for their next pop-up stall/bazaar participation.

Price: P120 to P150/cup

4.5 out of 5 for MNL Creamery (a bit too pricey for "ice cream" on my kuripot days)

Manila Creamery (MNL Creamery)

10 October 2015

Daily Digest: Wooden Spoon's Pancit Lang Lang

The past two weeks have been really stressful so food became our best friend. On the last day of midterms week, we decided to have merienda (mid-afternoon snack) in Wooden Spoon because I told my friend Pearl that I wanted pancit. Traditional pancit with the works. She suggested Wooden Spoon's afternoon menu because she swears their pancit (lang lang) is good.

Pancit Lang Lang

I thought the noodles were a bit too overcooked because it looked and felt too soft. Whether or not it was overcooked became irrelevant because once I took a forkful of the pancit, the texture of the noodles mixed with the crisp adobo flakes on top and the poppy shrimp was just perfect! Add a squeeze of calamansi and you have the perfect afternoon snack post-exam. I had no complaints because she was right. It was good. Really good.

Price: P175

5 out of 5 for Wooden Spoon's Pancit Lang Lang

Wooden Spoon
Basement Level Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center, Makati City

09 October 2015

Uh-oh! beauty & BUTTER.. Not so Beautiful.

I had to look for another waxing salon today because Lay Bare in SM Jazz Mall was already fully booked for the day (yes, fully booked at 3 PM). I could have rescheduled but since I already spent taxi fare just to have myself waxed, not to mention the hassle of going back and the wasted time if I don't proceed as planned, I decided to walk around and check if there was another waxing salon or any spa offering wax treatments. That's how I found beauty & BUTTER.

beauty & BUTTER
SM Jazz Mall

08 October 2015

Sephora Lipstick Remover

Being in law school means you need to have excellent time management skills. You must know how many hours you need in a day to study everything you have to study. You need to know how many hours you can spare idling or daydreaming or thinking about studying but not really studying. You need to plan when you're going to sleep or when you're going to nap and how many hours you can allot for each. You have to plan every hour of your 24 hours. You get the picture.

Since I already have problems trying to balance my life, I try to spend less time on other things I have complete control of like getting ready and dressed for school. But more importantly, I try to spend less time getting ready for bed after a long day (because sometimes I feel so tired that I just want to collapse in bed the moment I get home), which is why I was so happy when I discovered Sephora's Ultimate Oil-in-Gel Lipstick Remover!

07 October 2015

Shawarma Bros.

This has been a long overdue post. During our pre-midterms week, Pearl and I decided to try this new shawarma place in BGC. I've always complained about not having enough shawarma places in the Rockwell-BGC area so I was pretty excited when I saw Shawarma Bros. open in BGC.

I went for my traditional Beef Shawarma Rice plate while Madam Pearl decided to get the Big Bro Plate, which is also a Beef Shawarma Plate but it comes with a side of Keema and a glass of iced tea. The Beef Shawarma Plate costs P159. It comes with a LOT of rice (which was a big plus for me), the beef, and a side of tomato-cucumber salad. 

Beef Shawarma Plate ala Carte

06 October 2015

Revlon's 24-Hour Foundation

Introducing my latest make-up discovery – Revlon's Colorstay Foundation.

This came as a bit of a surprise since I'm a BB Cream person but when I got back from my first US trip, I had no choice but to buy liquid foundations because my skin had darkened so badly that all my BB creams made my face look like a floating mask. I had to buy several kinds to test and see which one had a shade that matched my complexion perfectly. One of the best ones I found was Revlon's Colorstay in 240 Medium Beige.

What the label says:
  • Wears up to 24 hours
  • Flawless look
  • Lightweight

What their website says:
  • Moisture balance formula with up to 24-hour wear
  • Satin finish
  • 12 beautiful, long-wearing shades
  • Buildable to full coverage

Daily Digest: Family Mart's Chicken Cheesedog Meal

Those who know me know that I cannot live without rice. I can eat a full cup of rice with just one tomato and be fully satisfied. Since I've been camping out in coffee shops recently because of midterms, I learned to take any rice meal come lunch/dinner time. As long as it had rice and some decent viand with it. 

So here's my recent rice meal discovery. It's inexpensive, filling, and surprisingly good. At P45, you get a cup of rice and a good chicken cheesedog with the usual condiments -- ketchup, mayo and mustard. Just make sure you get them hot. The hotdog becomes a bit chewy when cold (this is somewhat important when you use their utensils, given that they provide you with plastic utensils.)

Price: P45

4.5 out of 5 for Family Mart's Chicken Cheesedog Meal (sometimes they serve the hotdog cold :/)

Family Mart
Branches across Metro Manila

04 October 2015

Daily Digest: More Adobo Flakes

Last week, I stayed up for 17 hours studying for our first ever midterm exam this semester. I was able to leave the coffee shop at around 2:30 AM but not without getting something on my way home. I know it was too late to eat a rice meal but knowing me, I would still grab something with rice over a sandwich or some snack. Since Army Navy was beside the coffee shop I just left, I decided to finally try one of their new breakfast items: Adobo Flakes.

I read good reviews about it but I'm very particular when it comes to certain types of food like sinigang and this -- adobo, so I was a bit hesitant. I eventually gave in and thankfully, I liked their version.

Army Navy's Adobo Flakes

It tasted like adobo (not too salty, not too sour, and definitely not like beef pares), it was crisp (just how adobo flakes should be -- ALWAYS), and it came with garlic rice, sunny side up egg, and atsara. Forgive me for the photo. I was really hungry I couldn't wait to try it. This is one of the few adobos out there that I really liked, and for P165, this was definitely worth it.

Price: P165

5 out of 5 for Army Navy's Adobo Flakes

Army Navy
G/F Crossroads Building,
32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City

03 October 2015

Daily Digest: For the Love of Soup

The rainy season is the perfect weather for everything hot. Hot chocolate, champorado, soup, you name it. The recent class suspension brought my blockmate and I to Wooden Spoon in Powerplant Mall. We were supposed to have a pre-agreed lunch but because of the weather, and me insisting that we have soup the day before, eventually led us to this: Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas (Guava).

Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas

Guavas are supposed to taste a bit sour, right? Well, that's what we actually expected given that sinigang is supposed to be sour. However, (I think) the guavas they used in making this dish were a bit overripe already because the soup tasted so sweet! In the words of my friend Pearl, "Para kang kumain ng candy!" (It's like eating candy.) 

The only good thing about this dish was that it had generous slices of tender beef and vegetables. Too bad we weren't able to enjoy the hot soup. :( It was unbearably sweet. We already added fish sauce with crushed red chilies but it just couldn't overcome the sweetness.

Price: P275

1 out of 5 for Wooden Spoon's Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas

Wooden Spoon
Basement Level Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center, Makati City

Bringing Back the 90s: 9.OH THIS IS HOW WE DO IT

If you guys need a break from a stressful work week or from midterms (like me), grab a drink or two this coming Saturday at Ocean's Tel. Co. located on the 2/F of Frank & Dean and destress the week away.




Let us show you how the kids of the 90s have a good time 
OCTOBER 10, 2015, Saturday 
Ocean's Telephone Co. 
(by the red telephone booth, 2nd Floor Frank & Dean). 

Doors open at 8PM 
Open Bar from 10PM to 12AM 
Tickets are priced Php 350 

Avail of our table packages:
Couch (15 pax) -- Php8,500
- 15 tickets with open bar
- 2 bottles (choice of: Jager/Don Papa/Bacardi 151)
- soda

Table (8 pax) -- Php4,500
- 8 tickets with open bar
- 1 bottle (choice of: Jager/Don Papa/Bacardi 151)
- soda

This event is in cooperation with: 

Media Partner: 

For tickets and table reservation, kindly message The Women of Aleitheia through their Facebook page by clicking here.

L'oreal Tint Caresse: First Powder Lipstick

A couple of weeks back, I received my occasional newsletter from Beauty MNL. They were introducing a new product -- the FIRST ever powder lipstick. Naturally, I was curious. How can lipstick work if it's in powder form? Is it like your powder foundation or your eyeshadow palette? 

Introducing L'oreal Paris Tint Caresse -- the first powder lipstick. It comes in eight (8) shades: Peony, Plum, Peach, Tulip, Sakura, Orchid, Rose, and Lily Blossom. Aside from it being the first powder lipstick, another claim that caught my attention was its transfer-proof and long wearing formula. I bought two shades from Beauty MNL: Peony Blossom and Peach Blossom. 

Peony Blossom is the lighter shade between the two, Peach Blossom looking more like a darker shade of Barbie pink. 

Quick facts about this product (from Beauty MNL's website):
  • transfer-proof
  • long wearing
  • matte finish
  • highly pigmented
  • lightweight
  • sponge tip for easy application
Top: Peony Blossom
Bottom: Peach Blossom

Based on the product information, L'oreal's Tint Caresse Powder Lipstick delivers. It is lightweight on the lips, has a matte finish, and is long-lasting. You don't have to worry about consciously avoiding licking your lips to avoid licking off your lipstick. This one stays almost the whole day (I can't really say the whole day since I remove my make-up when I get home after class, so that's about 10-12 hours only). The sponge tip also makes the gliding and lining easier so you have better control of the application.

Top: Bare
Middle: Initial application
Bottom: Full application

If the product delivers, are there any cons? Personally, yes. My lips are almost always dry. I need a lipbalm by my side 24/7 because my lips are always chapped. The reason why I had a couple of applications was because I had to remove the dry skin on my lips after the first application. Since this is literally made of powder, it absorbs the excess moisture on my lips, exposing the little bits of dry skin. If I apply lip balm after, the matte effect disappears. 

This product requires prior lip exfoliation for better results. If you have naturally soft and supple lips without the need for lip balm, this would be perfect for you. It looks great on the lips and is transfer-proof. No worries about lipstick stains or pale lips.

Price: P500 each

4.5 out of 5 for L'oreal Tint Caresse Powder Lipstick

02 October 2015

Daily Digest: For the Love of Adobo

Today's exams were suspended because of the typhoon. More study time? Yes. But first lunch. 

My blockmate, Pearl, and I agreed to have dinner at Wooden Spoon after today's supposed exam. But since it was suspended, we decided to have early lunch before hitting the books. She's been craving adobo flakes that's why we ended up in Wooden Spoon. 

The Adobo Flakes was great! Shredded and crisp, this is how it should always be. The only different thing about Wooden Spoon's version is that it came with a really garlicky mayo sauce. One would would expect the typical soy-vinegar adobo sauce on the side but nope. Wooden Spoon serves their adobo flakes with this creamy and really garlicky mayo sauce (which was surprisingly amazing too). I've already mentioned that I prefer the traditional version of dishes, but this is one dish with a twist I'm willing to come back for too.

Price Range: P150/person

5 out of 5 for Wooden Spoon's Adobo Flakes

Wooden Spoon
Basement Level Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center, Makati City

Daily Digest: For the Love of Rice

This is my first "digest" for my Quickie Series. Our first midterm exam this semester was torts. We pretty much had the whole weekend to study for it but at that time, it still felt like the weekend wasn't enough. I had been awake for 17 hours last Saturday, and yet, the reviewing still wasn't over. I decided to study somewhere near our apartment the following day so I went to Century City Mall. 

I decided to have lunch first so I can just camp out in the coffeeshop afterwards. Most of the restaurants that fit my budget at that time were the same restaurants we had in Rockwell (Banana Leaf, Rustan's Marketplace). Big no. I was eventually left with two choices: Burger King, which had a chicken with rice meal, or Isla Cafe, a "stall" which serves Filipino food though a bit more pricey than Burger King. In the end, I decided to go for Isla Cafe since I can get a fried chicken meal almost anywhere I go. I just made a compromise and chose the more inexpensive dish that still had rice.

Cafe Isla
Basement Level, Century City Mall
(near Rustan's Supermarket)

The Arroz Caldo was a steal at P130. It had the works (well, except for the chicaron)! Hardboiled egg, spring onions, toasted garlic, and a twist -- chicken inasal strips instead of the usual boiled chicken. Cafe Isla was also very generous with the calamansi. People who know me know that I love, love, love calamansi! I need at least five pieces to add to my palabok or arroz caldo, and they very much complied with my request when I asked for more.

Serving-wise, I approve. It wasn't the usual regular-sized bowl but it wasn't too big too. It felt like the serving was made especially for me! Not too big, not too small. As for the taste, the chicken inasal strips did add more flavor and twist to the dish but I prefer the traditional version. I'm not saying it wasn't good, it was delicious. I really just prefer the classic version (and this is coming from someone who, as mentioned, prefers the more traditional version of dishes.)

Would I try it again? Definitely. I won't add some fish sauce next time though. The flavor of the inasal strips is enough to cover the "touch of saltiness" part of the dish.

Price Range: P50 to P225/person

5 out of 5 for Isla Cafe's Hacienda Style Arroz Caldo

Isla Cafe (Robinson's Magnolia Branch Facebook Page, but it's the same company)
Lower Ground Floor
Century City Mall,
Makati City

01 October 2015

Digests: The Quickie Series

So.. I've decided to come up with a new "section" in my blog. In law school, we have what you call "digests". These are the shortened or summarized versions of the cases we have to read for class. It can be helpful, most times, especially when 1) you haven't read the case, 2) the case is very long, 3) the professor calls people in random during recitation, and/or 4) you actually read the very long case but you have no idea what the subject is looking for or what the issue is supposed to be. 

Since law school started, I haven't had the chance to explore new cuisines, new restaurants, new hole-in-the-walls. Not just because of the change in my schedule but because most of the time, these new restaurants have servings fit for more than just one person (and c'mon, who tries just one dish in a new resto? Where's the fun in that?!) I know I have a big appetite compared to most girls my size but sometimes, even that does not work. It's just so hard resisting that other main course because it looks oh-so-good, and the next thing I know, I have too many leftovers. Fortunately, the stress and the heavy load that this semester has brought upon us forced me to eat in new places (since I had to look for new study spots), ordering just one type of dish (enough to satisfy my hunger because I still have to stick to a weekly budget and mostly because I've been studying alone to focus more), and discovering new food finds in the process! 

As I've mentioned earlier, digests are shorter, summarized versions of cases. Since I've been eating by myself recently, I decided to post Penggorasbox Digests -- quick, short reviews of dishes, snacks, drinks, anything edible I come across in the course of my "studying". These reviews will feature just one dish compared to my other food reviews that usually include the whole enchilada. Stay tuned! :)

25 September 2015

Daily Digest: Poor Man's Fish

I will always, always, always love fried galunggong. Especially if paired with hot sinigang soup and soy-calamansi-chili sauce. I usually get to eat this only when I go home to my momma's house but thankfully, a restaurant finally decided to include this oh-so-delicious fish in their menu!

Coco Hut just opened a store in Bonifacio Stopover and they serve this delicious fish all day, everyday! They also have other Filipino dishes and their famous fried chicken on their menu but if you know me, you know I'd pick the fish in a snap.

Poor Man's Fish

The best part about this meal is that it comes with some kind of squash mash. It sounds icky, yes, but it goes well with the crisp fried fish and the soy-calamansi-chili sauce. It may not be hot soup, but it's the closest I could get to hot soup and a side of veggies.

This is a MUST TRY, believe me.

Price: P175

5 out of 5 for Coco Hut's Poor Man's Fish

Coco Hut Fried Chicken & Fish
2/F Bonifacio Stopover
Rizal Drive corner 31st Street,
Bonifacio Global City

Open 24 hours.


16 September 2015

Save the Date: This is How We'll Do It

15 September 2015

Happy Skin: Shut Up & Kiss Me Power Pout Moisturizing Lip Lacquer

I don't like trying other lipstick brands. It's not because I'm picky or because of my loyalist mentality. A few years back, I had to give away and throw new lipsticks and lip balms I had just purchased because I found out that I had developed an allergic reaction to most lip brands I tried. The only lipstick brand and lip balm brand that did not give me windburn after the first swipe was MAC and Nivea. 

A couple of weeks back, as I was browsing Zalora, I saw a promotional ad from Happy Skin. I've been thinking about trying Happy Skin's products (their primer and foundation) but not their lip line. But since the offer was for their new lip products, I decided to give it a try. I'm a sucker for items on sale. :[

Just a bit of an intro. Happy Skin is a local brand founded by Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and co-founded by Rissa Mananquil-Trillo (this is one of the reasons that actually made me say yes to trying out this new lip product. I used to watch Rissa Mananquil on The Kikay Machine). Their brand philosophy is to provide Filipinas with make up that not only makes you be your own pretty but also makes sure your skin is cared for. As stated on their website, "Happy Skin takes cosmetics to a whole new level of hip and happy, with its promise of providing women with an entire line of make-up that cares for your skin." I guess as we grow older, we do become more concerned with our overall health, including our skin's health so things like this -- make-up plus skin care, has been getting my attention recently.

Going back to my recent purchase, I got the Shut Up & Kiss Me Power Pout Moisturizing Lip Lacquer in Strong and Sexy. I don't really like using liquid lipstick because it either feels sticky or is too watery so I was a bit hesitant about this product.

Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Power Pout 
Moisturizing Lip Lacquer in Strong and Sexy

14 September 2015

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Skin Transformation Liquid Foundation

Before I left the US, I went on an intense and crazy make-up shopping spree because of how affordable their drugstore brands were. I got a product from almost every brand I knew or have heard of but never tried. A couple of the items I got were from Maybelline, simply because I knew the brand and they didn't have a lot of Asian brands anyway. One thing you must know though is that I didn't really read through each product I got. If I thought the label looked interesting, I got it. If it was available in my current shade, I got it. One of my favorites (so far) is Maybelline's Superstay Better Skin Skin Transforming Foundation.

Maybelline's Superstay Better Skin 
Skin Transformation Foundation
in Classic Ivory 20
$9.98 (more or less P446.00)

I've been using this liquid foundation for almost two months now. To be honest, I didn't really notice anything great about the product. I just needed another foundation while waiting for my original skin color to come back (so I can go back to using my BB creams.) But as I continued using this foundation, I noticed my skin looking better. I thought it was just the lighting, or my phone's camera, but no. My skin actually looked better. Smoother. Finer. I had no idea it was the foundation since this is the first time I'm actually discovering and experimenting with make-up that is actually healthy for my skin too.

04 September 2015

Benefit: the POREfessional Primer

This is not a new product. Benefit's POREfessional Primer has been in the market for years but this is the first time I've actually tried it. As I've mentioned in my previous blog entries, I'm a loyalist -- I usually stick to my tried and tested products and it takes me a while before trying new ones. Eventually, the good reviews I've read about this product made me decide to try it (and the fact that Sephora sells a tester size -- a smaller and more inexpensive tube). 

$10 for a 7.5 mL tube

31 August 2015

Update on Shopback's 1st Anniversary

As I've mentioned in my previous blog entry, ShopBack is turning one soon, on the 9th of September to be exact and they have a lot of deals headed our way!

From 1 to 3 September, there will be increased cashback for Agoda as well as double cashback from selected merchants!

On 4 to 8 September, popular merchants like ASOS, Luxola, and Zalora will have higher cashback!

And on D-Day, 9.9, there will be nine (9) awesome deals for ShopBack's Top 9 merchants! They will also be rewarding the top spenders with a cash prize so stay tuned!

You can click on this link to find out more! So what are you waiting for? Time to book those vacation trips in advance and take advantage of Agoda's increased cashback in three hours. 

30 August 2015

First Day High: Hello, Junior Year!

Things will be lighter, they say.

Things will be easier, they say. 

Junior year just started and it feels like we're halfway through the sem already. Loads are heavier, professors are scarier/harder to please, and our bodies are getting weaker aka growing older. I don't think law school will ever be easy, we just get used to it as the days (weeks and semesters) go by. Instead of pouting, worrying, thinking about things we have no control over, I try to maintain a happy disposition despite the bad recitations or the unfinished reading assignments. I also try to look presentable as much as possible because, as an old friend once told me, "If we fall, at least we fall with grace." And I think I'll be falling quite a few times this semester huhuhu. 

Since I can't blog as much as I want to as well, I've decided to document my Junior Year in Law School look. I have yet to see the effects of some of the new products I bought so for the mean time, here's a quick review of some of them.

L-R: Maybelline Fit Concealer in 20 Sand Sable, MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC 25, Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Peachy Sweetie, Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12-Hour Wear in 01 Black Lace, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, Max Factor Colour Corrector in Lavender, Benefit's The Porefessional Primer, and Maybelline's Superstay Better Skin in 20 Classic Ivory.

25 August 2015

Bi99 Discounts and Cashback with ShopBack’s 9.9 Sale!

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. The past summer had been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster that I found myself juggling internship, summer class, making big decisions that would affect my life in general. I found myself on a plane travelling blahblah miles to see my dad for the first time in 14 years while at the same time deciding whether or not I would be coming back. Needless to say, the past four months had been nothing short of.. Chaotic. Thankfully, life has been so much kinder now that I am finally easing my way back to normal. 

Speaking of normal, I have again stumbled upon a new website which not only rewards us online shoppers with our money back, but it actually kind of puts together the common online shops we frequent like Zalora, Lazada, Groupon, AND a couple of booking sites like Agoda and Expedia. Yup, they don't just offer cash back for online shoppers but also for those who book their trips online through these booking websites.

So what is ShopBack and how does it work?

In a nutshell, as I've already mentioned, ShopBack offers cashback for popular online shops like Lazada whenever we make online purchases through them.

30 June 2015

Turq du Soleil: A Fair to Remember

The past three months flew by so fast because of all the things I decided to busy myself with. I've completed 360 hours of internship (though we were only required to finish 240), am about to take my final examinations for summer term, I volunteered to do all these things for school and other people that I'm actually surprised I'm still breathing. I guess I was too focused on forgetting and getting rid of all the drama in my life that I forgot I was human too. No regrets. I am satisfied of all the things I got to accomplish this summer and will still be accomplishing in the next three to four weeks. But before anything else, let me take a break. 

Gus and I, though it's mostly him, have been frequenting different bazaars recently. He seemed to have developed a certain mild obsession with it. I'm not complaining. It's the most fun thing I can do when I'm not interning or studying. But because of all the these trips, it seems that I too, have found bazaar window shopping, kinda therapeutic. Even if I don't get to buy anything, just looking around the various products they offer, and the different food stalls waiting for you when you exit, is such a de-stresser for me. Plus, I get to discover new items every now and then. Speaking of bazaars, there's one coming up this weekend. It's not just a bazaar, but a fair.

Yup! You read that right. A fair. The last time I went to a real fair was around a decade and a half ago, when I was still in high school (or was it grade school?) You get to eat, get married, get jailed, or visit a haunted house. You can also play a game or two if you don't get stuck in jail or locked in the horror house. This year, The Women of Aleitheia, one of the sororities in the Ateneo Law School is presenting Turq du Soleil: A Fair to Remember. It will be a fun-filled day of activities ranging from carnival fun and games, go kart, food tripping, shopping, a circus show, and even an outdoor movie screening! If you missed the screening of one of 2014's funniest Filipino rom-coms, English Only Please, now's the time to watch it on the big screen (sort of).

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now. Gates open at 12 NN, the movie starts at 7 PM, and you have until 11 PM to enjoy with your family and friends! Time to chill and de-stress. Let the inner child run wild even for just a day. Or go shopping if it does not want to come out and play. Regular tickets sold at P150 and tickets with the movie pass are sold at P250 each.

Turq du Soleil: A Fair to Remember
Bonifacio Open Grounds
25th Street corner 7th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City


Summer's not over! McDonald's just released their Minions Banana Festival Treats line just in time for the upcoming Minions movie. The Banana Festival line has four new products – Banana-flavored Sundae Cone McDip at P15, Honey Banana Float at P28, Banana Crumble McFlurry, and Banana McFlurry with Oreo at P50 each. In case you're wondering, the Banana Crumble McFlurry is the Sansrival McFlurry with the addition of the banana-flavored dip mixed into it. The Banana McFlurry with Oreo is the traditional Oreo McFlurry with the banana-flavored dip mixed into it.

I tried the Banana McFlurry with Oreo earlier tonight and I have to say bananas are a good combination to almost any dessert with chocolate. The only thing I wish they had done was use real mashed bananas or banana slices instead of the banana-flavored syrup dip they use for the sundae cone. Nevertheless, it was still a good summer treat. 

 The small yellow piece is the frozen banana dip they mix into the McFlurry.

I also read that the Banana-flavored Sundae Cone McDip comes in a blue wafer cone, not sure how true that is though. Head to the nearest McDonald's to find out.

As of today, these new Minions-inspired treats will be available until August 2015. Banana!

Photo courtesy of McDonald's Philippines website.

29 June 2015

Going Natural: Love Lia Products

A few weeks back, I stumbled upon this natural soap seller in the Trendsetter's Bazaar in World Trade Center. I was just accompanying Gus because he's into all these bazaars now when I saw these "natural" soap booths. I'm not into soap. I'm not a soap person. I've been alternately using two soap brands for nearly a decade now. That's probably the closest I can get to being a soap person. As long as it has skin clearing or whitening properties, I'll use it. But for some reason, boredom I guess since I've been walking around for hours and Gus still wasn't done, I decided to check out the soap booths.

Love Lia Handcrafted Soaps on the left

The 2nd soap booth I checked out was Lia Mendoza's natural soaps and products, Love Lia. I have not tried the soap products from the 1st booth I visited so I'm reserving my comments on that one until I've tried their products. According to Love Lia, their soaps are handcrafted and contain natural ingredients. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a soap person. As long as it's not bad for my health or skin, it's fine. I'm not very picky. I smelled each type of soap they had for sale and decided to purchase a few because of the scent. See? Not picky. I liked the scent so I decided to ask about it.

Back to Korea: Hoolala Chicken House

Sunday night's dinner was courtesy of Deal Grocer. The name of the restaurant caught my eye so I decided to buy a coupon and try it out – Hoolala Korean Chicken House. 

I don't know why the term "Chicken House" caught my attention. I guess at that time, I found it amusing that someone would name their restaurant that serves chicken as "chicken house." The interior was unique and common at the same time. Unique because of the colorful and huge chicken drawings on the wall and common because the set-up was typical of your usual Korean eatery.

They also had flat screen TVs that showed Korean dramas.