29 June 2015

Going Natural: Love Lia Products

A few weeks back, I stumbled upon this natural soap seller in the Trendsetter's Bazaar in World Trade Center. I was just accompanying Gus because he's into all these bazaars now when I saw these "natural" soap booths. I'm not into soap. I'm not a soap person. I've been alternately using two soap brands for nearly a decade now. That's probably the closest I can get to being a soap person. As long as it has skin clearing or whitening properties, I'll use it. But for some reason, boredom I guess since I've been walking around for hours and Gus still wasn't done, I decided to check out the soap booths.

Love Lia Handcrafted Soaps on the left

The 2nd soap booth I checked out was Lia Mendoza's natural soaps and products, Love Lia. I have not tried the soap products from the 1st booth I visited so I'm reserving my comments on that one until I've tried their products. According to Love Lia, their soaps are handcrafted and contain natural ingredients. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a soap person. As long as it's not bad for my health or skin, it's fine. I'm not very picky. I smelled each type of soap they had for sale and decided to purchase a few because of the scent. See? Not picky. I liked the scent so I decided to ask about it.

I wanted to try all of them but I didn't really want to spend so much for soap. I had already purchased quite a few from the first booth so I decided to ask about each soap and use it as my basis for picking which variant to get.

They had five types of soap that night – the Blemish-Free Soap, the Power Whitening Soap, the Herbal Care Soap, the Skin Renew Bleaching Soap, and the Beauty Nourishing Soap. Here's a quick rundown of the benefits of their soap variants:

  • Herbal Care Soap (P150/bar)
    • made with Guava and Moringa 
    • it's a germicide soap. It prevents pimple-causing bacteria and odor-causing bacteria. According to the owner, she actually stopped using deodorant because this soap was enough to keep harmful and odor-causing bacteria at bay.
    • it restores and protects your skin from dryness
  • Beauty Nourishing Soap (P160/bar)
    • made with oatmeal extract, VCO, and milk
    • exfoliates and moisturizes
    • renews skin
  • Skin Renew Bleaching Soap (P160/bar)
    • made with bearberry extract, grapeseed extract, VCO
    • enhances skin elasticity
    • reduces dark spots/scars
  • Power Whitening Soap (P180/bar)
    • made with bearberry extract, African Star Grass extract, blueberry extract, VCO
    • reduces skin aging and dark spots
    • helps achieve lighter and more glowing skin
  • Blemish-free Soap 
    • made with VCO, makua essentials, and willow extract
    • helps fight acne-causing bacteria
    • soothes skin

As expected, I decided to go for the Skin Renew Bleaching Soap (since I was Boracay-bound the week after), the Herbal Care Soap (because the soap really smelled great and I was curious because of the moringa ingredient), and the Blemish-free Soap (just to test if it really does deal with acne.) 

I used the Skin Renew Bleaching Soap first since I went on vacation. I thought, if this were really a bleaching soap, it would help keep my skin un-burnt given the really hot temperature in Boracay. So what's the verdict? I loved the berry scent of the soap. It's faint at first but after a few washes, you will begin to smell berries. I'm very biased when it comes to my skin because I always think I'm only getting darker despite the amount of sunblock/sunscreen I use everyday but I'm proud to say that I was very satisfied with the Skin Renew Soap. It did not only smell good but I think it helped keep my complexion the way it was because I wasn't as dark/tan as I expected to be considering that I was out doing all sorts of outdoor activities like island hopping, snorkelling, and parasailing at 12 noon.

After I finished the first bar, I tried the Herbal Care Soap next. I was honestly more curious as to how it would smell considering that a part of it was made from moringa or malunggay. Surprisingly, this bar also smelled good. It didn't smell like greens at all. I've been getting rashes and itches from I-don't-know-where that's why I decided to try this anti-bacterial soap in the first place. I wanted to see if it would lessen or at least clear my skin of the itchies and it did! I honestly feel bad because it actually worked. This means I'd have to buy more of it. I'm sorry bank account.

As for the Blemish-free Soap, Gus is still trying it out. I will keep you guys posted if it works or not. Gus has pimple problems every now and then because of his facial hair and we're both waiting to see if this Blemish-free Soap actually works for him. Check back in a month for an update.

You have got to try these soaps. I rarely find a non-cosmetic or non-food item that I really, really like. These handcrafted soaps may be a bit pricey but definitely worth it. Check out Love Lia's Facebook and Instagram page for more information on how to order. Or visit Turq du Soleil this coming Saturday at the Bonifacio Open Grounds at 25th Street corner 7th Avenue, behind The Fort Strip. Love Lia will be there.

Price: P150 to P180

4.5 out of 5 for Love Lia's Handcrafted Soap (just because it is more expensive than my usual bar)

Love Lia Products
Viber: +63 906 4590809

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