25 February 2013

Jesi Mendez Katipunan: Defining Excellent Service

This isn't really a review since I hadn't had anything done, technically. But I do want to write about the excellent service I got from the staff of Jessie Mendez in Katipunan, even if I wasn't really a client.

Last Saturday, as I was about to meet a friend in Katipunan, I noticed that my hair was sort of "tangled" since my brush couldn't glide through it smoothly. When I tried to untangle it, I found out that it wasn't tangled at all. There was gum on my hair! *horror* After feeling so disgusted, I decided I had to get rid of it quickly since people might notice. *embarrassment* I tried looking for a pair of scissors so I can just snip it, but ironically, the clothes alteration store I went to said they didn't have a pair of scissors. I tried looking for other shops that could possibly have a pair somewhere and I ended up in Jessie Mendez. I asked the receptionist if I could borrow a pair of scissors and she asked me what for. When I told her about my dilemma, she directed me to their senior hairstylist. 

Being turned away by the alterations shop was actually a miracle in disguise (c'mon, what kind of clothes repair shop does NOT have a pair of scissors?). My original plan was to just cut the hair strands with gum and get going. But the senior hairstylist didn't agree. Instead of cutting the affected area, he put some kind of cream on my hair and worked the gum out until not a small piece was left! Yup, my hair was saved. He didn't cut it, he just removed the gum. And as a bonus, he even blow dried my hair. 

When I approached the receptionist to ask how much I had to pay, they told me I didn't have to pay for anything. They told me a small gratuity to the stylist would probably be okay, and they just jokingly asked me to have my next hair service done there. Since I was really surprised and amazed with how they accommodated me, I gave the stylist a small thank you for saving my hair without asking for any payment and assured them I would try their salon next time.

Talk about excellent service! If they treat non-clients that way, I wonder how much more they treat their clients. I am definitely going back their for a real service.

Regis Center, Katipunan
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

15 February 2013

Etude House Sun BB Cream

A few weeks ago, SM North EDSA had their annual super sale. Gus accompanied his mom to go shopping since the first day of the sale usually had a lot of perks (think, getting up to 40% off a product from 10%). Thanks to a boyfriend who understands one of my girly necessities, I was able to go "shopping" during the sale.

Gus bought Etude House's newest BB cream for me -- the Sun BB Cream. The original price was P978, but we were able to get it for around P780. Anyway, I've never tried this one before that's why I decided to purchase it. Based on the reviews, it was as good as the previous EH BB creams but I had to check for myself.

First things first. According to its packaging, Etude House's Sun BB Cream has SPF50, whitening, anti-darkening and anti-wrinkle properties, and is waterproof. This one also comes with a puff end to help with the application.

08 February 2013

*wink Laser and Wax Studio

A few weeks ago, I ranted (is there such a word?) about my favorite waxing salon in the metro. I was so frustrated that I decided to look for alternatives, or a possible replacement -- a waxing salon I can go to every month to satisfy my girly needs. Fortunately, I came across a voucher on one of the coupon sites I was subscribed to. It was a coupon for a new waxing salon in BGC and it was exactly what I needed! 

Since I'm not really a fan of change, I was a bit hesitant in purchasing the coupon. But I really needed to find another waxing salon because my favorite salon was driving me insane (read my rant here). It looked like a great deal so after a day of thinking about whether it was worth it or not, I took a chance.