09 October 2015

Uh-oh! beauty & BUTTER.. Not so Beautiful.

I had to look for another waxing salon today because Lay Bare in SM Jazz Mall was already fully booked for the day (yes, fully booked at 3 PM). I could have rescheduled but since I already spent taxi fare just to have myself waxed, not to mention the hassle of going back and the wasted time if I don't proceed as planned, I decided to walk around and check if there was another waxing salon or any spa offering wax treatments. That's how I found beauty & BUTTER.

beauty & BUTTER
SM Jazz Mall

The place was clean, nice, though a bit humid. I guess their air-conditioning unit was off since there weren't any guests inside.

The first thing I did upon entering the salon was to check how much their waxing services were. It was a bit pricey compared to Lay Bare but a bit more inexpensive compared to *wink. Since I didn't want to waste my trip, and given that I do pay for waxing services that are a little bit more expensive than theirs, I was 50% decided that I would just have my treatment done here. The deciding factor was, "What type of wax do they use?"

I only go for natural wax, or those made from sugar or honey. I usually end up with a rash if the wax used was artificial (made from chemicals or other unnatural ingredients) so I'm very particular with the wax salons use. Thankfully, beauty&BUTTER uses honey for their hot wax treatments.

The procedure starts with the application of some kind of cleansing oil. The waxing technician said they apply this to remove any trace of product we may have applied prior to the treatment. This is followed by the usual application of baby powder, then the wax. They use strips of white cloth to remove the hair after the wax is applied, similar to David For Rever's natural honey wax treatment. 

The waxing technician who assisted me was very polite. I have to give it to them, their staff was one of the most courteous I've met. The technician was very careful in handling my procedure, making sure I was comfortable and that the wax would not burn me. I thought, "Hmm, this place isn't so bad at all."

But then it happened.

DOUBLE DIPPING. *the horror, the horror*

At first I wasn't sure because I was focused on reading a case on my phone. But then I realized, I didn't hear any popsicle being thrown in the trash, or any falling sound similar to a wooden thing being dropped. So I looked back.


The technician was using only one, ONE popsicle stick the whole time! I'm not overreacting. I don't like double-dipping because it is unhygienic. Imagine a stick swiped through your skin, dipped back into a communal pot of honey wax, and then swiped on your skin again. Imagine all the epithelial cells swimming inside that pot. Huhuhu.

The same thing happened with the bottle of cleanser she used. After she swiped the piece of cloth/tissue over my skin, she placed it again on the opening of the bottle to get more of the cleanser.

Considering the small margin between their price and the price of my other favorite waxing salon, I actually expected more from beauty&BUTTER. I should have gone to my favorite waxing salon if I knew I'd be paying pretty much the same thing for a less hygienic service. They pride themselves in using "properly sterilized nail care tools" but I guess they forgot about their other services that also require hygienic tools and procedures.

beauty&BUTTER would be a great place to have your beauty services done but they have to enforce a stricter and more hygienic SOP when it comes to their waxing procedure.

Price: P170-P2,000

1.5 out of 5 for beauty&BUTTER's waxing treatment (Proper hygiene is a big deal for me.)

G/F SM Jazz Mall
Jupiter St. cor Nicanor Garcia St.
Makati City


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