01 October 2015

Digests: The Quickie Series

So.. I've decided to come up with a new "section" in my blog. In law school, we have what you call "digests". These are the shortened or summarized versions of the cases we have to read for class. It can be helpful, most times, especially when 1) you haven't read the case, 2) the case is very long, 3) the professor calls people in random during recitation, and/or 4) you actually read the very long case but you have no idea what the subject is looking for or what the issue is supposed to be. 

Since law school started, I haven't had the chance to explore new cuisines, new restaurants, new hole-in-the-walls. Not just because of the change in my schedule but because most of the time, these new restaurants have servings fit for more than just one person (and c'mon, who tries just one dish in a new resto? Where's the fun in that?!) I know I have a big appetite compared to most girls my size but sometimes, even that does not work. It's just so hard resisting that other main course because it looks oh-so-good, and the next thing I know, I have too many leftovers. Fortunately, the stress and the heavy load that this semester has brought upon us forced me to eat in new places (since I had to look for new study spots), ordering just one type of dish (enough to satisfy my hunger because I still have to stick to a weekly budget and mostly because I've been studying alone to focus more), and discovering new food finds in the process! 

As I've mentioned earlier, digests are shorter, summarized versions of cases. Since I've been eating by myself recently, I decided to post Penggorasbox Digests -- quick, short reviews of dishes, snacks, drinks, anything edible I come across in the course of my "studying". These reviews will feature just one dish compared to my other food reviews that usually include the whole enchilada. Stay tuned! :)

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