30 June 2015


Summer's not over! McDonald's just released their Minions Banana Festival Treats line just in time for the upcoming Minions movie. The Banana Festival line has four new products – Banana-flavored Sundae Cone McDip at P15, Honey Banana Float at P28, Banana Crumble McFlurry, and Banana McFlurry with Oreo at P50 each. In case you're wondering, the Banana Crumble McFlurry is the Sansrival McFlurry with the addition of the banana-flavored dip mixed into it. The Banana McFlurry with Oreo is the traditional Oreo McFlurry with the banana-flavored dip mixed into it.

I tried the Banana McFlurry with Oreo earlier tonight and I have to say bananas are a good combination to almost any dessert with chocolate. The only thing I wish they had done was use real mashed bananas or banana slices instead of the banana-flavored syrup dip they use for the sundae cone. Nevertheless, it was still a good summer treat. 

 The small yellow piece is the frozen banana dip they mix into the McFlurry.

I also read that the Banana-flavored Sundae Cone McDip comes in a blue wafer cone, not sure how true that is though. Head to the nearest McDonald's to find out.

As of today, these new Minions-inspired treats will be available until August 2015. Banana!

Photo courtesy of McDonald's Philippines website.

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