07 October 2015

Shawarma Bros.

This has been a long overdue post. During our pre-midterms week, Pearl and I decided to try this new shawarma place in BGC. I've always complained about not having enough shawarma places in the Rockwell-BGC area so I was pretty excited when I saw Shawarma Bros. open in BGC.

I went for my traditional Beef Shawarma Rice plate while Madam Pearl decided to get the Big Bro Plate, which is also a Beef Shawarma Plate but it comes with a side of Keema and a glass of iced tea. The Beef Shawarma Plate costs P159. It comes with a LOT of rice (which was a big plus for me), the beef, and a side of tomato-cucumber salad. 

Beef Shawarma Plate ala Carte

The downside? 

The sauces come in small plastic containers – limited. I always loved how the garlic/yogurt sauce and chili sauce come unlimited in those squeeze bottles you can just squeeze until you're satisfied with how spicy or garlicky or yogurtee your shawarma is. The sauce inside the container is not enough for the meal. It needs more! I don't know if they've changed this already or if they offer more for free (I hope they do).

There's something about the beef too. It tasted familiar. Familiar but unlike the other shawarma rice plates I've tasted before. It tasted more Filipino, at least that's how we thought it tasted. I don't really know how to describe authentic or the original shawarma plate but one thing I noticed is that it was always spice-y. Not spicy hot but full of different spices. Shawarma Bros. Beef Shawarma Plate didn't taste like it had a whole bunch of different spices added to it. As I've stated earlier, it had a more familiar, Filipino taste. 

My overall impression? Even if I am a rice lover, I think the portion of the beef and the tomato-cucumber salad was quite little given the price of the plate. They could at least add more salad, if adding more beef would make the price go up. They should also ditch the plastic containers. Just let the customers add the sauces they want when they come to the counter to pick up their meal. But hey, given that not a lot of shawarma places are in the area, this one's a good back-up plan if there's no Ababu or Mister Kebab available. It's also less expensive compared to those around the area like Mediterranean Cafe (which offers a shawarma plate for around P250-350.) 

Someone was happy. Hahaha.

Price: P150-300 per person

3 out of 5 for Shawarma Bros (add more spices to the beef!)

Shawarma Bros.
2/F Bonifacio Stopover
Rizal Drive corner 31st Street,
Bonifacio Global City

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