06 October 2015

Daily Digest: Family Mart's Chicken Cheesedog Meal

Those who know me know that I cannot live without rice. I can eat a full cup of rice with just one tomato and be fully satisfied. Since I've been camping out in coffee shops recently because of midterms, I learned to take any rice meal come lunch/dinner time. As long as it had rice and some decent viand with it. 

So here's my recent rice meal discovery. It's inexpensive, filling, and surprisingly good. At P45, you get a cup of rice and a good chicken cheesedog with the usual condiments -- ketchup, mayo and mustard. Just make sure you get them hot. The hotdog becomes a bit chewy when cold (this is somewhat important when you use their utensils, given that they provide you with plastic utensils.)

Price: P45

4.5 out of 5 for Family Mart's Chicken Cheesedog Meal (sometimes they serve the hotdog cold :/)

Family Mart
Branches across Metro Manila

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