11 October 2015

MNL Creamery at the Best Food Forward 2015

Finally got to try MNL Creamery's delicious gelato yesterday at the Best Food Forward in Rockwell Tent. Their unique take on some of their gelato flavors, especially the Manga't Suman, caught my attention and I've been wanting to try it since then. I have always been a fan of classic/traditional types of food (not a big fan of fusion) but I just couldn't resist not trying this unusual concoction.

MNL Creamery offers familiar flavors with a bit of a twist. These are just some of the flavors they have. Small, single scoop cups are sold at P120, while small, double scoop cups are sold at P150. I wanted to try their other flavors so I got the double scoop -- Manga't Suman and Ricotta Cheese with Orange. I was so tempted to get the more classic flavors like chocolate and strawberries and cream but I was able to resist the temptation. Thankfully, I did not give in.

The Manga't Suman was not as I imagined it to be. Or maybe I was just enjoying it too much that I did not notice the latik that was supposed to be in the mix. But I loved the sticky rice and the somewhat sweet-sour taste of the mangoes combination. As for the Ricotta Cheese with Orange, I was just influenced by the owner because he kept sharing that it was his personal favorite, and now I understand why. The saltiness of the cheese plus the surprising burst of orange pulp was just a joy waiting to be experienced. These weren't my usual gelato flavors but I loved every spoonful. I have yet to try their other flavors but so far, with this experience, I have a feeling the others will be just as unique and flavorful as the these two.

They don't have a standalone stall yet but according to the owner, they will be opening one in UP Town Center sometime next year. Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts for their next pop-up stall/bazaar participation.

Price: P120 to P150/cup

4.5 out of 5 for MNL Creamery (a bit too pricey for "ice cream" on my kuripot days)

Manila Creamery (MNL Creamery)

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