20 December 2015

Cakes Made with Love: Love Cakes by Ann and Gan

I actually don't remember how I stumbled upon the Instagram account of siblings Ann and Gan, but the next thing I knew, I was already salivating over the photos of their gorgeous and delicious-looking cakes. I wanted to buy all of them and just taste how good they really are. Since mom's birthday was coming up anyway, I asked our uncles and aunts for financial help and decided to buy one of their cakes for her 52nd birthday.

I decided to get their 10x10 Fresh Fruit Cake since this seemed like the perfect cake for mom's age group (no offense, momma). I wanted to get the Strawberry Shortcake since I love strawberries, but I thought, this isn't for me. Their Naked Chocolate Cake and Heavenly Chocolate Cake looked tempting too, especially with the additional strawberries you could request, but the chocolate cake seemed more like for kids than mom and her amigas. The Mocha Cake was equally tempting but I wanted to try something different. We could get mocha cake from Hizon's anyway. 

They require at least a 2-day lead time when ordering any of their fabulous cakes. I ordered mom's cake a week before just to be sure. When we got the cake, it was just perfect! It was such a heavenly sight – white frosting with a ton of fresh, colorful fruits on top. It was also heavy so we all assumed this cake was siksik.

10x10 Fresh Fruit Cake

The photos are as good as they look. The cake may be heavy, but every bite is as light as a feather. The cake base was not very sweet so the sweetness of the frosting and the sweet and slightly sour flavor of the fruits complemented it well. It was very light in the mouth, but siksik. It wasn't light because it was mostly air bubbles, it was just light. Some cakes feel light because its mostly air but this one isn't. You can still feel the cake with every bite but the texture of it is very light. This was truly a different cake experience for us. The only downside some people might experience is that the cakes are quite expensive. I hope the price could be lower but I understand that the ingredients used are of prime quality (you can see it and taste it in the finished product). 

If you're interested to try Love Cakes by Ann and Gan, visit their Instagram for photos of the other cakes they offer. The Strawberry Shortcake was recently voted as one of the best shortcakes in Manila so you might want to start with that if you're not really celebrating any special occasion. Get the Naked Chocolate Cake if your eaters are mostly kids, and the Mocha if you're treating your grandparents.

Price: PhP2,500 to PhP9,000 (depending on the size and type of cake)

5 out of 5 for Love Cakes by Ann and Gan

Valle Verde VI or LGV
Contact Number: 09989981726
Business Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM

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