03 October 2015

Daily Digest: For the Love of Soup

The rainy season is the perfect weather for everything hot. Hot chocolate, champorado, soup, you name it. The recent class suspension brought my blockmate and I to Wooden Spoon in Powerplant Mall. We were supposed to have a pre-agreed lunch but because of the weather, and me insisting that we have soup the day before, eventually led us to this: Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas (Guava).

Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas

Guavas are supposed to taste a bit sour, right? Well, that's what we actually expected given that sinigang is supposed to be sour. However, (I think) the guavas they used in making this dish were a bit overripe already because the soup tasted so sweet! In the words of my friend Pearl, "Para kang kumain ng candy!" (It's like eating candy.) 

The only good thing about this dish was that it had generous slices of tender beef and vegetables. Too bad we weren't able to enjoy the hot soup. :( It was unbearably sweet. We already added fish sauce with crushed red chilies but it just couldn't overcome the sweetness.

Price: P275

1 out of 5 for Wooden Spoon's Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas

Wooden Spoon
Basement Level Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center, Makati City

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