About Me

Penguina is the alter ego of CHAYnagirl, who is the alter ego of Coleen. She loves pigs and penguins because of their extreme cuteness and their loyalty to each other. She finds them so cute, seeing them  will make her shriek like a little kid who just got a box of candy. She considers herself the mother of these adorable animals.

CHAYnagirl is a 26-year old emotional wreck who fell in love with Zhou Yu Min, a Taiwanese superstar, and now believes every single part of her is Chinese. She believes it so much that she took time to learn their language and culture, following their traditions, making her a walking Chinese lady. She loves drinking coffee and having afternoon tea while munching on a bunch of sweets, pretending she is somewhere in China where drinking tea is a must. She has survived a gazillion heartaches and friendzones, turning her into a love guru for her friends, but is secretly still trying to figure out how deep love really is. 

Coleen is a proud Atenean who is into food, books, make-up and everything Chinese. She loves to read, write, cook and bake. She favors the classics at times, but she really loves discovering new books, regardless of its theme. She started writing when she was just 10 years old, after finding out that her grandfather was a known journalist/author. She's been trying to write since then, but figured she could never write, but only express her innermost thoughts and desires. She grew up with a family who loves to cook, and discovered the art of baking after suffering her first college heartbreak. She has then put these two into good use by providing delicious dishes and baked goods to people who need a little cheering up. She has recently discovered the power of make-up and has been using her face as a canvas. Despite her seemingly normal life, she secretly wishes to be an FBI agent or police detective, effects of the numerous crime dramas she grew up watching (it's better than wishing she could slay the supernatural, or be the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, right?) Knowing she would never be perfectly fit or skilled to run after a criminal, she has focused her attention on becoming a top notch lawyer instead.

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