30 August 2015

First Day High: Hello, Junior Year!

Things will be lighter, they say.

Things will be easier, they say. 

Junior year just started and it feels like we're halfway through the sem already. Loads are heavier, professors are scarier/harder to please, and our bodies are getting weaker aka growing older. I don't think law school will ever be easy, we just get used to it as the days (weeks and semesters) go by. Instead of pouting, worrying, thinking about things we have no control over, I try to maintain a happy disposition despite the bad recitations or the unfinished reading assignments. I also try to look presentable as much as possible because, as an old friend once told me, "If we fall, at least we fall with grace." And I think I'll be falling quite a few times this semester huhuhu. 

Since I can't blog as much as I want to as well, I've decided to document my Junior Year in Law School look. I have yet to see the effects of some of the new products I bought so for the mean time, here's a quick review of some of them.

L-R: Maybelline Fit Concealer in 20 Sand Sable, MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC 25, Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Peachy Sweetie, Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12-Hour Wear in 01 Black Lace, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, Max Factor Colour Corrector in Lavender, Benefit's The Porefessional Primer, and Maybelline's Superstay Better Skin in 20 Classic Ivory.

I finally got to try Benefit's the Porefessional Primer. I really like how light it felt on my skin and how it did not feel sticky at all. It also made my face look smoother even if it was the only thing on my face at the time. 

Benefit the POREfessional
$10/0.25 fl. oz

After applying primer, I tried Max Factor's Colour Corrector in Lavender because it was supposed to correct dullness. My face tends to look drab, washed, plain and just boring at times so I wanted to make it look brighter without making it look too oily. 

Max Factor Colour Corrector

I'm a loyal fan of everything MAC but for that day, I decided to try a new concealer -- Maybelline's Fit Concealer in 20 Sand Sable. 

Maybelline Fit Concealer 20 Sand Sable

For my face, I opted to try liquid foundation instead of my usual BB Cream. I got so sunburnt when I visited my Dad in the States that I could not use any of my BB creams because they were too white for my current complexion. I might as well try liquid foundation since I had to buy new make-up that will suit my current skin tone. I tried Maybelline's Super Stay Better Skin Liquid Foundation in Classic Ivory. It has sunscreen, is oil free, and is supposed to transform your skin. 

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Liquid Foundation in Classic Ivory

For my cheeks, I used my powder blush from Maybelline in Peachy Sweetie. I've been using powder blush recently because my face has been sweating more than usual, making it look oilier. :( 

For my eyes, I tried Sephora's Eye Contour Pencil 12-Hour Wear in 01 Black Lace. I got this since it was on sale and I just could not wait to try and see if it really was waterproof. I'm still earning how to put on eye make-up (and miserably failing) so I always end up using eyeliners to make my eyes pop out. Sephora's Eye Contour Eyeliner looks promising. It didn't smudge the whole day even though my whole face was sweating already. 

Sephora Eye Contour Pencil 12-Hour Wear in 01 Black Lace

I used my MAC Studio Fix Foundation to set my make-up and sprayed Smashbox's Photo Finish Prime Water to make it last the whole day. The Photo Finish Prime Water is supposed to moisturize and prepare your face for the make-up but you can also use it to lock your make-up and make it last longer.

Smashbox Photo Finish Prime Water
$16/1.0 oz

Before I forget! I used my current favorite lipstick, MAC in Goddess of the Sea. I super love this shade because of its bold but classic look. An alternative to the classic red.

Welcome, Junior Year! If only I had time to put on this mask every day. :[

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