02 January 2013

Physiogel Intensive Cream

I haven't been able to take care of my skin in the past couple of weeks. There was just so many things to do that I had forgotten to take care of my skin. As a result, my skin went from healthy to dry in just a couple of weeks. My heels were the worst. It was so dry that the only thing missing was an actual crack in my skin. Thankfully, I noticed it in time and decided that I had to get back to my skin care routine no matter how busy I was. Unless I really want to see a crack in the next couple of days.

Since my heel had become so dry already, I knew that tons of lotion and petroleum jelly was the only solution. But, I remember hearing my mom mention one of the products I got from my November BDJ Box. She said something about it being a known skin moisturizer, though she hasn't tried it yet. So I immediately grabbed my box and went through each product, looking for a cream or lotion or anything that was for the skin. That's when I saw the tube of Physiogel.

I didn't bother checking the tube the first time I got the box since I wasn't familiar with the product, and the packaging looked so.. boring. It looked like one of those medicinal creams doctors prescribed. But after my mom mentioned it, I read the information printed on the tube and found out that it was actually an intensive moisturizing cream meant for very dry or dehydrated skin. Upon reading those magic words, I immediately decided to try the cream and see if it can soften my very dry heels. 

I started using the cream on the first week of December. My heels were so dried up, it felt rough rubbing them. I applied a small amount of the cream on both heels after showering. I did this religiously for the next couple of weeks until I felt the skin on my heels soften. At first, I thought I was just imagining it. But after a couple of days, I could still feel the softness I haven't felt in a while. I asked my boyfriend to touch my heel and feel if there was any change. There's my answer. He confirmed my initial thoughts. It worked! The skin on my heels weren't as rough anymore. You could feel the slight change in the texture of the skin, a subtle softness that wasn't there two to three weeks back.

Please don't mind my foot. Mind Mr. Penguin. :)

Aside from its proven effectiveness, what are the other good things about this product? 

Sadly, its magical working powers are the only good thing about this product. This isn't your regular body lotion or butter so don't expect any fruity or fragrant smell from the cream. It doesn't really smell like anything. It smells like any other scentless cream with just a hint of medicine. Plus, a small tube of this intensive cream will cost you. The  -mL tube is around P700, but a few weeks back, I saw it on sale in some Mercury Drug Stores, bringing the price down to around P524.75 (apologies, I couldn't remember the exact amount).

If price isn't an issue, and you just want healthy-looking, soft and supple skin, then Physiogel's Intensive Cream is the product for you. 

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