03 January 2013

Lucky 88: Beeswax Lipbalm

This is actually an unexpected and short review. I don't normally write about lip balms but this was an exception.

A decade ago, I found out that I was allergic to a certain lip balm brand. I felt like my world crashed because 1) my lips were always dry, and 2) it was the only brand I knew, trusted, and used. To this day, I still don't know why I suddenly became allergic to it after years of use. After that incident, the only lip balm I was able to use was from another brand. Even expensive lip balms didn't work. I'd develop a severe case of windburn after even just one application. Since then, I only stuck with one lip balm. That, or the good ol' petroleum jelly. But all this changed during Christmas. 

My brother bought everyone two gifts for Christmas. A funny/prank gift and a serious one. For my fun gift, he bought me a lip balm. 

He got everyone a little something that described him/her. What was supposed to be a funny gift turned out to be very useful. I didn't want to disappoint my brother by throwing away his present so I took the risk and tried it. And.. It was great! For something that came from an 88 store, it was good. I did not develop any allergic reaction, my lips were softer in just a few minutes, it had a subtle mint flavor, and it was only P88.

Pardon the ugly photos, trying to prove a point here. :)

For someone who is very picky about lip balms, recommending one would mean it must be good. It's inexpensive and effective. It's something you can consider carrying in your purse or bag everyday for softer lips.

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