27 January 2013

Pink Guava: Something Different

A few months ago, Gus and I saw this interesting new place along Quezon Avenue. With all the milk tea and coffee shops popping out of every corner, we thought it would be weird to name a milk tea or coffee place with a name of a fruit. After speculating for weeks, we decided to check it out.

Pink Guava is NOT a milk tea or coffee place. It's more like a trio -- juice + coffee + milk tea bar. Their specialty is guava juice mixed with different other juices. They do have other drinks like milk tea and coffee, but their most famous drink is the Guava Lychee.

Yes, it sounds a bit strange. We haven't heard hear these two fruits in the same drink, until now. But these two make a pretty good combo. It is amazing! The drink is a more refreshing alternative to our usual afternoon fruit juice. The flavors do not overpower each other. Instead, they complement each other, giving the drink a cool, new twist that isn't awkward or strange at all. However, I would suggest getting a drink with only 50% sugar since their 100% sugar level really is sweet.

For P120, you get a venti-sized guava lychee drink. Add P15 to add rainbow sinkers and boba. Trust me, you cannot not add sinkers and boba. These two make drinking the juice even more fun. :)

Another drink we tried was their iced chocolate. Now this was another drink made of win. It wasn't too sweet, and fake. I'm a bit particular when it comes to chocolate drinks because I've tried so many that tasted, well, not like chocolate. But this passed.. With flying colors! :D

And the drink isn't the only good thing about Pink Guava. Their place looks cool and fun. It's a place where you can hangout to de-stress or to just have a fun day with no worries. Seriously. Just look at their place. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with what boba is, these are like tapioca pearls or "sago," only with a thinner outer skin and syrup on the inside, making it pop in your mouth with the slightest touch. Words cannot express how fun it is, so I'd rather you try it yourself. :)

Pink Guava is a MUST TRY beverage place. It's something new and unique, not just your average fruit juice bar. Once you try it, you'll keep coming back.

Price Range: P100-P150

5 out of 5 for Pink Guava's beverages (they had light meals but I haven't tried them)

Pacific Century Tower,
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

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