05 January 2013

Kupo's Pamper-Me-Day: Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Salon

Our dog spent his 1st birthday last 30 December, alone and dirty in the garage, running after every single thing that moves. Since he really enjoys staying dirty, covering himself in dirt after we bathe him, I decided to bring him to a pet salon for his monthly grooming instead of tiring myself only to find him dirty again. Because Kupo, our beloved pet, is a big dog, I couldn't just drag him to the groomers. Fortunately, I discovered this mobile pet salon via a coupon site.

Since I wasn't familiar with mobile pet salons, I decided to check the deal. It was being offered in one of my trusted coupon sites (Deal Grocer) so I knew that the information would be accurate. Apart from the good price the site offered, the mobile pet salon salon's services also sounded interesting. I decided to buy two coupons, at nearly half-off, which was redeemable until June of this year.

I told Kupo this would be his birthday treat. No forced trips to the groomer's, no leash, no hard times for him. He can just relax at home while waiting for the van to arrive.

We were late for a couple of minutes on our scheduled appointment so we didn't see Kupo all wet. They were already drying him by the time we arrived. As you can see, the staff was very gentle and kind to Kupo. I think Kupo felt so pampered he didn't bother resisting kuya!

This is a closer view of the hair drying part of the grooming service.

Yup, Kupo's the boss.

I can tell that he's enjoying this royal pet service! He's so relaxed and easygoing. He usually tries to run away when he can, especially when it's bath time.

"Is it over now?" Oh, well.

Additional pampering for Kupo from my brother. He's so clean and good-smelling now! (When I say good-smelling, trust me. Kupo really smells like a wet dog most of the time, even if we bathe him weekly.)

Here's a view of the inside of the mobile pet salon.

As you can see, they have a big wash area for giving baths. The inside of the van is air-conditioned, to make sure your beloved pet is comfortable all throughout the grooming session. They also have their own generator for the dryer, and the best part is.. The service was excellent! The staff was well-trained in handling dogs, they were very friendly and polite with him (Kupo) and us (the owners), and most of all, they treated our Kupo with TLC.

Kupo saying goodbye to ate. He liked her because she was so friendly to him. He likes friendly people who pet him.

So what are the pros and cons in a nutshell?
  • Very convenient (especially for petite owners who have large dogs)
  • Very friendly, polite, and accommodating staff (they weren't bitchy when we arrived a few minutes late, and Kupo was treated so well)
  • Reasonably priced (even if we got this from a coupon site, the regular prices are relatively cheap compared to other grooming salons. Remember, they go to you. You just have to sit still and wait at the comfort of your own home.)  
  • Excellent grooming service (they were very thorough and particular) 
  • Available in most cities in Metro Manila
  • They won't use their generator if there's an outlet outside your home (which means, they'd use your electricity to dry your pet!)

Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Salon's
Complete List of Services

 Courtesy of dealgrocer.com

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