13 January 2013

Food for the Skin: Skin Food's Tea Tree Cleansing Foam

Last year, I found out that I could get a privilege card from one of the Korean make-up stores I go to if I  had an accumulated purchase of *censor* Your purchases must be within six months of each other. This card entitles the bearer to a 10% discount and other membership benefits, and considering the price tags on their products, members who get any discount will surely be thankful for it, no matter how small.

Anyway, I only had about two weeks until my big purchases expired so I decided to go on a blind shopping spree. I got two tubes of BB Cream, but I still needed a few more pesos to complete the requirements so I just grabbed the first product I saw on the shelf in front of me -- a facial wash. Not bad considering I could've snatched something I wouldn't be able to use much, like an eyeshadow palette or mascara. 

Introducing Skin Food's Tea Tree Cleansing Foam.


Skin Food is one of the few, trusted Korean cosmetics boutique in the country, along with Etude House, Tony Moly, and Missha. They boast of products made from natural ingredients that feed and nurture the skin. Their company was built on the belief that we should feed our skin the same healthy food we eat to keep our bodies healthy. Their motto may entice people to try their products immediately, which is why I bought some make-up from this brand, but I've never really tried any Asian facial wash so this little baby spent some time stored in a paper bag left to be forgotten. Fortunately, I found it just in time. My facial wash tube was already squeezed beyond recognition. But enough about how I came to find this unknown treasure, let's get to the review.

What's good about this facial wash?

  • No break out. 
After trying this product for the first time, and a second, and a third, until a week had passed, I noticed that I did not develop any allergic reaction to it, nor did I see any red, swollen dot on my face. Yes, no pimples after use!

  • A subtle, mint-like smell.
Apart from the best thing (no pimples!), this facial wash had a subtle, mint-like smell, which made facial cleansing even more refreshing, especially if your face is covered in a ton of make-up. :)

  • Creamy texture, excellent cleansing.

I usually use a make-up removing cream whenever I put a ton of make-up on to make sure I can easily wash it off with facial foam, but one night, I got so lazy after going out that I decided to skip on my make-up removing cream and went straight for the facial wash. Despite the thick make-up on my face, this facial foam was able to remove every inch of it from my face. Deep cleansing foam? YES. My face felt so clean and fresh afterwards.

Now what about the bad? Is/are there any?

The only downside to this great facial wash is that others might find the price a bit too steep. For a 160-mL tube, one would have to spend P528.00.

For more information on Skin Food and its products, click here.

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