02 April 2013

R&J Bulalohan and Tapsilogan: The taste of victory.

The past week has been hell for me and quite frankly, I had lost interest in everything, even blogging. But amidst the darkness that clouded me during what was supposed to be a "Holy Week," the Lord had given me some sunshine.

The results of the Law Aptitude Exam of the Ateneo Law School came out yesterday. I've been planning to apply to law school for the past two years but my fears of being rejected and failing prevented me from doing so. But after two long years, I finally conquered my fear and took the exam. And finally, the day came for me to know whether or not I was going to law school this year.

The 1st of April 2013 was a very long day for me. I knew that the results would come out, but somehow, fate decided to prolong my agony for a few more hours. I couldn't access the website so I still had no idea whether or not I passed. The day was about to end already and still, I was clueless. Until two of my closest friends sent me congratulatory messages.

That's when I knew.

Since I go home at 11:00 at night, Gus and I couldn't really celebrate yet. Most restaurants and malls were already closed. We didn't want to celebrate that night by getting drunk since we were both tired from work and doing errands, so we had to think of a good place to celebrate our little success. That's when I remembered this well-known bulalo house that was open 24/7.

R&J Bulalohan and Tapsilogan is located beside Petron, near the Mandaluyong City Hall. It is a famous bulalo house simply because their bulalo is made of real meat and bones, not beef bouillons. They have two kinds of bulalo -- regular and special. Since there were only two of us, Gus and I decided to order their regular bulalo. For PhP199 only, this was definitely a steal. We got a big bowl of pure meat and bones, with refillable bulalo soup. The only mistake we made was not knowing that the regular bulalo had no vegetables. It was just pure meat and bones.

 PhP 199.00

Even if it had no vegetables, we still loved the bulalo. It was real bulalo, no hint of any artificial flavoring. Plus, it wasn't too oily, unlike most of the bulalos we've tried.

Apart from the bulalo, I also decided to try their tapa since 1) I was really hungry, and 2) it was also a tapsilogan, which probably means they serve some delicious tapsilogs. I ordered their tapa binalot, which came with plain rice, red eggs and tomatoes, wrapped in banana leaves. The tapa serving looks small, but if you're a rice eater more than a viand eater, like me, this serving will satisfy you. This is worth your PhP60.

PhP 60.00

This was our spread for the night. Bulalo, tapsilog, and a pitcher of fresh calamansi juice (PhP70). The calamansi juice is also worth mentioning. It was real calamansi juice, not your canned or bottled version, which had just the right sourness. Refreshing and perfect for capping off our meal!

We spent a total of PhP329 only for this meal. We even had some leftover bulalo to take home. The staff even added extra soup when we asked them to wrap it for us. Apart from the delicious meal, I'd have to say our experience was made even better because their staff was accommodating and attentive. There were times when our request wasn't immediately attended to, but there were a lot of people that time, it was understandable. At least they listened to you first, unlike other restaurants who would just completely ignore your hand if they had a full house.

This was definitely a celebratory meal. The food was good, the news I received earlier was more than good, and my company was the best.

Price: PhP75 - 100/person

4.5 out of 5 for R&J Bulalohan and Tapsilogan

R&J Bulalohan and Tapsilogan
600 Boni Avenue,
Mandaluyong City
Contact Numbers: (632) 533 4811 or (632) 746 5432

Open 24/7, Monday to Sunday

Contact details courtesy of: http://www.spot.ph/eatdrink/46681/top-10-best-bulalo-in-manila/4

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