21 April 2013

Hair Love: Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Deep Repairing Mask

I'm going to blog about my favorite hair mask treatment. Last year, I already blogged about a similar product, which I also liked, but I forgot to write a follow-up featuring the #1 on my list: Dove's Intense Repair Deep Repairing Mask.

As I've already mentioned in my other blog entries, I have really damaged hair because of my annual trips to the salon to have my hair straightened. Before I started having my hair straightened, my hair was already thin. Imagine torturing your already-thin hair with tons of chemicals every year just to look beautiful. Yup, it's not a pretty picture, especially when your hair has lost all its nutrients already.

A year ago, I decided to let my hair grow naturally. No hair treatments that involved chemicals AT ALL. I was able to succeed in that part but since I have very wild, wavy hair, I couldn't let go of the straightening iron completely. I would still use it to straighten my hair from time to time, especially if I have to attend events. Since I couldn't really stop using the iron, I knew that I had to do something to make sure my hair doesn't completely dry. I looked at different products that promised healthier hair, products that "healed" damage hair, and other products that promised to give you shinier, bouncier hair. 

Dove came out with their own line of damaged hair treatments. I heard some really good things about it, especially from some well-known ladies in the entertainment industry *cough*Delamar*cough* Since I trusted the opinions and views of some of those ladies, I decided to try Dove and see the results myself.

I tried Dove's Damage Therapy Intense Repair Treatment. Just like most hair treatments, it had a coagulated texture, somewhat viscous. It had a really nice smell, one that I would later find out, could last for more than a day. After trying it out for a month, using it once a week, I noticed how soft my hair had become. It also obviously looked healthier to me. It wasn't limp and dry anymore!

I really liked what I saw and decided to make Dove a part of my weekly beauty ritual. Ever since I started using Dove, my hair had become more manageable, even without the help of my trusty (but unhealthy) straightening iron. I would sometimes go out without ironing my hair anymore. Plus, as I've already mentioned, the smell is really nice. It wasn't a strong, flowery smell. It had a refreshing smell that wasn't irritating to the nose that could last until the next day. Your hair is sure to smell good even after walking under the sun for quite some time.

This product is a MUST HAVE. I didn't find any downside to the product. Even the price is reasonable. This big container costs only P239.75 (and that could still be lower, depending on where you buy it). 

If you want real healthier hair, try Dove's Damage Therapy Intense Repair Treatment. It really works! If you've tried this before, leave a message in the comments section below and tell me about your experience. Do we have the same experience/results? If not, try it and let me know what you think.

Price Range: +/- P239.75

5 out of 5 for Dove's Damage Therapy Intense Hair Treatment

***This is NOT a paid blog entry. I write what I feel like writing, based on personal experience. Besides, I'm not a huge blogger for companies to ask me to write reviews of their products. I'm just someone who really likes praising (or calling the attention of) products and services that are worthy (or not). :) ***


  1. i think it was ok i have had better hair masks though brillient one from avon olive oil one. But i brought dove on sale so i dont really mind. : ]

    1. Really? What product from Avon? I haven't really tried a lot of brands save for Dove and Loreal. I used to buy department store brands only so I have yet to explore and find the best of the best. :)