25 April 2013

My First "Real" Online Shopping Experience at Zalora PH

I discovered online shopping through coupon sites. Before trying these out, I never really bought anything online for, well, fear of being duped. Even after buying lots of coupons online, I still haven't tried (or though of trying) purchasing real products because apart form the possibility of being duped, 1) the actual photo may vary form the real product, 2) the size may not be the same size we have here in the Philippines, and 3) the courier may damage the product (I've had experience with products arriving broken/damaged after being sent through a courier). I just wasn't ready to take a risk. Yet.

But a few weeks ago, I received some really good news. I got into law school! Excited as I was, I knew that I had to go shopping for some new clothes and shoes since most of mine were very "casual" and "summery." I had to "grow up" in a few weeks and start wearing more formal and business attire-ish clothing. What was the problem? I can't just shell out thousands of pesos in a day just to prepare for school. I had to think smart and improvise.

I've been hearing of this new online shopping website from friends and well, trusted sources. When I say trusted sources, I knew that they wouldn't recommend anything which will affect their reputation.  Despite this supposed "reputable" shopping website, I still had my doubts. But they did offer good-looking and affordable shoes that it was very hard to say no to them. After thinking about it and visiting their website numerous times, I took a leap of faith and just "ordered."

I got four pairs of shoes from Zalora Philippines. According to their website, the products will be delivered within 1-3 days. True enough, I received my package on the 3rd day (I was actually expecting it to arrive later than what they posted because sometimes, these things fail you).

I was very excited and anxious for my first online purchase but given my earlier hesitations, I couldn't open it right away. But, after getting over myself, I finally checked out my purchases. :) I needed the basics for law school:  Classic colors that are easy to pair with any outfit, comfortable but at the same time attractive, something I can use for both formal and casual occasions, and something that wasn't too pricey. So here's what I got:

Spurr Sephie Black Peeptoe Heels

I got this pair on discount. From PhP1,499 it was down to PhP899. Not bad for high heeled shoes. But, the best part was, I got an additional 13% off for buying at that time. This pair only cost me PhP679.42. 

IAMSHOE Mackie Black Flats

Every girl needs a good pair of reliable black flats, for when her feet get tired from walking those 5-inch stilettos. I got this nice, simple-looking pair of black flats from IAMSHOE. I am unfamiliar with the brand but this was the simplest pair I could find from their selection. I'm not very fond of designs and any embellishments on shoes so this was the best I could find. This wasn't on sale but I did get it with a 13% discount for buying it at that time. This only cost me PhP642.38.

LAURA Marzi White Ballet Flats

As I mentioned, I needed the basics. I've got two essentials: black flats and heels, I needed another neutral color that could go well with almost any outfit so I got this pair of white flats from LAURA Marzi. I got this on sale, apart from the 13% discount I stumbled upon check-out that night. From PhP745 to PhP633 to just PhP478.39. Steal!

TERRY+AHRENS Chloe Espadrille Pumps in Tan

For my last pair, I got a pair of neutral-colored pumps from TERRY+AHRENS. And, I got it on sale too, for just PhP1,119.00. I wanted to be able to switch from pair to pair without having to change my wardrobe drastically. I figured that my shoes would define my wardrobe so having more classic or neutral colors will help me have more clothes to pair them with. But of course, all my purchases came with a 13% discount so this pair only cost me PhP845.68. 

The total amount I paid for four pairs of shoes, including two pairs of pumps, was only PhP2,645.87. Yes, FOUR PAIRS for less than 3K. And the best part is? All of them fit perfectly! 

  • Delivers within the prescribed period (NOT LATE!)
  • Affordable prices
  • Additional discounts that surprise you
  • Sizes are accurate
  • Comfortable

  • I'm not so sure if it's the same for their clothes (sizes and fit)

Sign up now and order your first pair. You won't be disappointed! :)

ZALORA Philippines


  1. the heels are gorgeous!! :D let me know if they're comfy.


    1. I've tried them on and they're comfy. But of course, just standing on them is different from when you're walking with them on na. Hahaha! I'll let you know when I "test run" them. :D

  2. oh dear =) i love white flats!!!


    1. Get this one if you do. It's comfy! :) Thanks for dropping by.

  3. lovely shoes! i'd love to have one! nice colors btw! they could really be easily paired with different clothes! you love discounted coupons? try grantonworld!

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  4. Nice shoes!! These are very descent and best as they can go with any dress. I like if I can get the same through daily deals.

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  7. which size chart did you refer to?

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