24 April 2013

Buffet at Cafe on the Ridge

As I mentioned in my previous getaway entry, I will be posting a separate blog entry for our dinner buffet at Taal Vista. Since I have had the same breakfast buffet here twice, I decided to make a comparison entry on Taal Vista's Cafe on the Ridge breakfast and dinner buffet. 

Cafe on the Ridge's breakfast buffet is not impressive, to be honest. It had the basic dishes we would expect in a typical Filipino home breakfast table -- fried rice, bacon, tapa, fried fish or daing, champorado, arroz caldo, fresh fruits, and cereals. But it lacked variety. Both times we were there, we saw and ate pretty much the same dishes we did the first time. We didn't even bother taking pictures of all the dishes because our pictures would look similar with our first visit. 

1st Visit

Wait! I am not saying it wasn't satisfying. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't pay PhP699++ for a spread like that. Some dishes were actually good, notable. A couple of our favorites include their champorado, scrambled eggs, and fried fish. The champorado was not so sweet and not from a box. It was traditional, home-cooked champorado made with cacao. Gus really liked the scrambled eggs, and as he is an egg person, when he says it's good, I trust him. The fried fish was crispy and just right. It wasn't too salty or too bland. But even if there were exceptions, we think the price for their breakfast buffet is too much. 

2nd Visit

Now let's go to the better buffet they offer. Dinner. Gus and I actually bought our dinner from a coupon site (one of my faves, Deal Grocer). It was originally PhP1,200++ but we were able to get it for only PhP850. We weren't really sure of what to expect since their breakfast spread kinda disappointed us. But hey, coupons are coupons. Savings are savings. We waited to see what they had to offer for dinner.

Fortunately, their dinner spread was way better than their breakfast spread. There were more than 10 dishes, compared to the breakfast spread that only had around 8 main dishes. Apart from the indoor main dishes, they also had a shawarma section and grilling section outside the restaurant. All these excluding the usual soup, salad, and dessert bar. Talk about a feast!

We started dinner with the usual: soup and everything we wanted to try first! They had two kinds of soup that night -- Sinigang na Isda (Fish in Sour Soup) and Cream of Potato. Both were actually very good. We were able to pair each with specific dishes in the spread. The sinigang went well with the Filipino dishes they had like Grilled Pork Belly (which was really good), and the Pinaputok na Tilapia. The potato soup went well with the grilled meats and seafood.

Unfortunately, we did not know that the BBQ station outside was part of the deal we got. One of the waiters was kind enough to inform us when he noticed we didn't go out once. We were able to try it but we were too full to really enjoy it. The grilled beef was really good!

Enough talk. I'll let the pictures do the talking. But before that, here are some dishes worth trying (in no particular order):
  • Chicken Shawarma
  • Grilled Beef
  • Grilled Pork Belly
  • Waldorf Salad
  • Bread Pudding
  • Pineapples! (They were very sweet.)

Price: PhP850/person (Promo Price)
          PhP1,200++/person (Original Price)

5 out of 5 for Cafe on the Ridge's Dinner Buffet ONLY (the staff was very attentive, accommodating, helpful and polite -- best dinner service so far!)

Cafe on the Ridge
Taal Vista Hotel
Km. 60 Aguinaldo Hi-way,
Tagaytay City
Contact Number: (632) 917 8225


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