23 May 2013

Hidden Food Spot: Eat my GF

Last night, Gus and I went around Greenhills while waiting for his sister. We looked around for a place to eat since 1) I was very hungry after Intro to Law class, and 2) his sister was still in SLEX. If you're from Greenhills, you know how many restaurants can be found in just one street. There were quite a few new restaurants along J. Abad Santos (where Serenitea and Chicken Charlie can be found) so we decided to walk around first and explore the new restaurants we found.

After checking out a few of the new places, we stumbled upon something familiar -- Eat my GF. Upon seeing their big lighted sign, I knew I've already tried their food before. They had a stall back then in Mercato BGC, if I remember correctly. Since there were a few new restaurants in the area, we decided to look around some more until we finally decided to try out the rest of the menu of Eat my GF.

Eat my GF stands for Eat my Garlic Fries. Their specialty? You guessed it! Garlic Fries. Before you jump into any conclusion, let me say that this isn't what or how you think it is. This isn't your regular batch of french fries sprinkled with garlic powder or flavoring. Apart from their specialty, their menu also includes your usual burgers, sausages, rice meals, and some appetizers like buffalo wings, nachos, and jalapeno poppers.

Now what makes Eat my GF's garlic fries different? Unlike other establishments that serve garlic fries by sprinkling garlic powder on top of the fries and shaking it, their garlic fries is made from crunchy french fries, and fried garlic. Fried garlic? Yes, fried garlic. But again, don't jump to any conclusions yet. The way their garlic was fried is actually impressive. It's not too cooked/fried to a crisp, but it isn't raw as well. I don't know how they fry the garlic they used but they were able to extract its flavor without making the fries taste so spicy (garlic spicy -- I'm talking about garlic's natural spice when eaten raw or in a less-than-burnt state. It has this very strong flavor because of its juices, which can actually burn your skin when exposed to it for a long time.) Believe it or not, they were able to make garlic fries using real garlic, not garlic substitute. And the taste was just surprising!

Original GF (150 grams)

Another notable dish on the menu is their Baconsilog Meal (PhP180). I know this is a burger/dog/fries resto but I just cannot resist rice. Besides, their baconsilog meal was so enticing. It comes with four crisp bacon strips, fried rice, and egg. They got me at "crisp." Plus, the photo of the bacon looked really delicious. I know I shouldn't believe ads but I'm glad I did at that time. It was a simple bacon, sinangag, and egg meal but there was something about it that made us enjoy the meal. The food was nothing special, it's your typical breakfast meal, but something about it just made us enjoy it. Our guess was the way it was cooked. Whatever it was, bottomline is, the food was good. Plus, the jalapeno add-on I ordered made the dish even more exciting! :D

Baconsilog Meal

Jalapeno add-on

Since I cannot eat dry food most of the time, I decided to order a small serving of Eat my GF's chili (it was the closest thing to soup that I could get.) It was very expensive for such a small serving (PhP138) but it was delicious. The combination of the spices, beef, and tomatoes were just heavenly. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm worshipping this chili, but it was the first restaurant chili I have tasted which actually passed my tastebuds.

Small Serving of Chili

Before I forget.. One of the reasons we finally chose to try this restaurant instead of the others beside it was because their staff was so accommodating. They immediately attended to our needs, gave us the menu, and answered our questions. Plus, they have interesting soda containers. :p

A&W Cream Soda

And the verdict is? We're definitely going back. We enjoyed our first visit here not just because of the food, but because of the service as well. Their other dishes look good too so we definitely want to try them out next time. Some of their dishes are a bit expensive though. Some.

Price: PhP100-350/person

4 out of 5 for Eat my GF

Eat my GF
F. Calderon Street
San Juan

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  1. finally, relatively affordable chili! i loved the chili of (what else) chili's but it's gotten really expensive na. and cream soda! yum :D