13 May 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

My life has always been like the movies. There's just too much drama. There are times when I feel that if my life were a movie, I bet thousands would be able to relate that it would be an instant hit. Despite the possible future success of my oh-so-dramatic life, I would never dream of starring in it. But, if I were to star in my own movie, I would definitely choose a different storyline. Something less dramatic, but with just enough spice to make it interesting.

I'd play a lawyer who gets mixed up with one of her clients' business foes, turning her usually busy but routine-centric life into a whirlwind game of survival and of course, finding love. I'd be a lawyer with a successful career, who has started living a routine life. Yes, I dream of becoming a high-profile lawyer so I would want to play a lawyer in my own movie. She's forgotten how to live and has become a workaholic instead, until one day, her biggest (and most secretive) client (whom she has never seen before) disappears and a group of masked men ransack his office, where coincidentally, she would be. She barely escapes until the group discovers that she has all the documents their boss is looking for. As she hides from them, she meets her client, who turns out to be a retired spy protecting some valuable international secrets. As they try to eliminate the threat, she discovers that her client/spy is actually a former classmate who disappeared on her years ago. The movie becomes a fight not only to survive but to overcome the issues that have resurfaced from the past. 

Yes, it sounds a little melodramatic but it wouldn't be me if it weren't. At one point in time, we all wanted an adventure, something we know would never happen to us. Something exciting and crazy at the same time. Something we would only see in the movies. ;)

Speaking of watching movies, it wouldn't be as fun without a bag of Kettle Korn on hand. A little crunch every now and then is all we need to make things a whee bit more exciting. Or, to distract us from that really creepy girl starting to crawl out of the kitchen sink. Either way, we all need something good to munch on as we enjoy a great movie on a Friday night.

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