19 May 2013

From BB Cream to CC Cream: Rachel K

I've known about CC creams since last year. I saw my first CC cream advertisement when I visited the Beauty Bar in BHS. I thought it was a joke at first, but then, I was in Beauty Bar. I don't think they'd carry fake cosmetics. I didn't really bother checking it out because I thought it was just the West's version of BB cream.

Fast forward to a few weeks back. I stumbled upon online articles about CC cream. It seems that a lot of people, both from Asia and the West, have been raving about the power of CC creams. This finally made me decide to do my own research and see what CC cream is all about.

For starters, CC cream stands for "color correcting" cream or "color control" cream, a supposed better version of the BB cream. The latter was originally developed as a skincare product, while CC creams were developed to provide all the skincare benefits of BB creams with added ingredients that could provide better skin coverage, sun protection, and even skin tone. With these in mind, one would assume that CC creams were improved BB creams. Unfortunately, most of the CC creams I checked out looked tinted but when I applied them on my skin, it was clear/transparent. It looked more like a make-up primer than BB cream.

But, that did not stop my curiosity. I took a risk and tried one CC cream brand that supposedly pioneered this new make-up product -- Rachel K.

Rachel K Cosmetics supposedly created the first ever CC cream. It is a Singapore skincare and make-up brand founded by Rachel Kum, former Miss Singapore Universe 2009. The CC cream is their most notable product.

Compared to other CC creams I tried, Rachel K is the most tinted. It looks like any other BB cream and liquid foundation, slightly cream in color.

It's easy to blend, and true enough, lighter on the skin than BB creams. It also has good oil control. My face was noticeably less oily when I had this on even after sweating and running errands the whole day. However, it doesn't provide as much coverage as other BB creams, which actually confuses me because they say CC creams are supposed to be better versions of BB creams in terms of coverage.

The only thing that bugs me about this cream is the smell. Unlike other cosmetics, Rachel K's CC cream has a strange smell. It's not irritating, strong, or annoying, but it is unpleasant. The smell goes away after some time but it does last for a few minutes. You have to get used to it.

This is how the cream looks like on my face.

As you can see, some of my pimple scars are still visible, though my skin looks fairly clearer.

In a nutshell..


  • does not make your face look oily
  • lighter on the face
  • easy to blend


  • unpleasant smell
  • minimum to medium coverage
  • a bit expensive (SG$35)
  • not available locally (my friend bought it for me when he was in Singapore)

Price: SG$35 (~PhP1,155)

3 out of 5 for CC Cream by Rachel K

Rachel K

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