23 April 2014

Fresh from Singapore: Twelve Cupcakes

There's a new cupcakery in town! 

A few months back, Twelve Cupcakes, which first opened in Singapore in 2011, brought its cute and delectable cupcakes here in Manila. It features 12 everyday cupcakes with a few specialty cupcakes that vary each day of the week (I'm guessing this is why they called it Twelve Cupcakes?) 

So what are the Everyday Cupcakes? 

From what I gather, these are the cupcakes that you would find in their stores every single day of the week. They introduce new flavors every month, which are only available on certain days of the week, but these flavors will be available each day for you to enjoy. Call them the regulars, I guess. 

Someone couldn't help himself
Everyday Cupcakes a.k.a The Regulars

I got to try the everyday cupcakes only since I didn't have a lot of free time back then. My mom bought a box of five for us to try, but my friends and I got ourselves a dozen to try (law students are binge eaters) a few days after. These are some of the flavors we got to try:

 L-R: Red Velvet, Espresso, Vanilla Chocolate, Rainbow Vanilla

The Red Velvet was delicious (and this means something since I'm not a big fan of it). The cupcake was moist and the cream cheese topping was just right. However, one of my friends think that the cupcake itself deserves a little bit more flavor because the cream cheese topping was overpowering it quite a bit.

The Espresso was nearly perfect! The cupcake was more moist than the vanilla cupcake and red velvet and the frosting reminded me of traditional icing -- the one that hardens when you put it inside the refrigerator but softens when you put it back out, not the gooey, sticky, stretchy ones we normally have now. I don't know how else to describe it. But, I think it would've been perfect if they weren't too shy with the coffee flavor. It needs that extra oomph coffee brings, not just a hint.

The Vanilla Chocolate is also good -- moist cake, not too airy, but I'm a bit torn about the frosting. It also had the same cream cheese frosting as the Red Velvet and Rainbow Vanilla, but I'm not sure it's such a perfect match. Don't get me wrong, the frosting is delish but I think they should've used another kind of frosting like buttercream or your traditional flavored frosting, not cream cheese.

The Rainbow Vanilla is a bit boring for me. But I never really liked vanilla anyway. The cake was less moist than the others and I don't get why, not to mention the same cream cheese frosting which made this one forgettable. Sorry! Unless, you love the more subtle flavor of vanilla topped with the creamy cream cheese frosting. I'm a dull person so I prefer eating food that's a little bit more exciting.

The Strawberry Vanilla/Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream cupcakes were like the Espresso cupcake -- good cupcake but the frosting needed more of that strawberry, chocolate, and cookies and cream flavor. I'm not sure if this is an experimental stage or if it's because Singaporeans have a less sweet tooth. Do they?

As for the PB Jelly and PB Chocolate, we weren't quite sure how to accept these two flavors. These two flavors weren't hard to resist but there's something about the frosting we couldn't quite point out. Did it lack a more peanut butter-y flavor? Or was it because the frosting was made of cream cheese mixed with peanut butter? We couldn't tell. It was a bit confusing. Either they add more peanut butter or use a different frosting as their base.

Finally, the remaining cupcakes, Chocolate Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla, and Mocha, were all great to the taste but my only reservation is.. THE FROSTING! After tasting all of their everyday cupcakes, I noticed that they use cream cheese in almost all of their cupcakes. There's nothing wrong with their cream cheese frosting because it is heavenly, but I think this kind of frosting is better with certain types of cupcakes only, like carrot walnut and red velvet. 

And the best part is, each everyday cupcake is only P85, generally cheaper than the first few cupcake stores that opened. If you want the special cupcakes, you just have to add P15. Click here for the special cupcakes. :)

Overall, the cupcakes are great, the cream cheese is delicious, and the price is generally cheaper than the first few cupcake stores that opened. Some of the pairings are just a bit off, personally. But it doesn't mean they're not good. 

Price Range: P85-P100/cupcake

3.75-3.9 out of 5

L/G Century City Mall,
Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion,
Makati City

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