18 April 2014

Better Late than Never: Ramen Santouka

One thing I really missed apart from writing was, eating. There was a time when I could try out new restaurants and discover new/interesting food items but with the budget of a student, I could no longer afford to go on a weekly, let alone, daily food run/binge/discovery. Thankfully, mother has her "generous" moments. One of them was dinner at this (not-so) new ramen place in Greenhills.

I heard about Ramen Santouka from Greg's sister, Gin. Her friend celebrated his/her (I can't remember which) birthday in the restaurant, and all she could say was how good the food was. I've been craving for a lot of different things, ramen included, the past few weeks and her praises for the food did not help at all. Fortunately, I was able to convince mom to have dinner there after her work errand.

I'm not a ramen expert so I don't know which constitutes one kind of ramen or not. I distinguish the types by flavor -- a different flavor meant a different type of ramen. Santouka had around 10 different types of ramen -- five original ramen flavors, and around 5-6 specialty ramen. 

Original Ramen

Forgive the way the photos were taken. We were all hungry at the time. This shows Santouka's original ramen varieties. One look at this and I immediately knew what I was getting. Hint: It's getting hot in here. ;)

Specialty Ramen

This collage contains the other ramen varieties Santouka offers. They have special ramen bowls, one of which is served in limited quantities (only 15 bowls a day are served). Everything looks so good I didn't know what to get -- a bowl of ramen, a rice meal, or both. Good thing mom knew what she wanted (which was a bowl of ramen), and Santouka offered ramen with rice meal sets. Each set includes a small bowl of ramen of your choice (+P20 if you want the kara-miso or hot soybean paste soup), a main dish of your choice, unlimited rice, a small plate of salad, an egg, a small plate of pickled vegetables, and a cup of tea.

Set Meals

Since my mom and I agreed we would share, we got Santouka's Set C for only P490 (plus an additional P20 if you want the spicy ramen soup). Set C includes a small bowl of ramen of your choice (+P20 if you want the kara-miso or hot soybean paste soup), fried chicken, unlimited rice, a small plate of salad, an egg, a small plate of pickled vegetables, and a cup of tea. You can also add P40 if you want to upsize your ramen bowl to regular size or P100 for the large one. But if you're not very hungry, the small ramen bowl will do.

Set C
P490 + P20 for the Kara-Miso Soup

The small bowl of ramen is more than enough if you order the set meals. Since the set comes with unlimited rice, and a generous serving of its main dish, upsizing your ramen might be too much, unless you're more of a noodle person than a rice person. I loved how the kara-miso ramen soup was perfect for the chicken and rice. I needed to add some chili oil and powder on the chicken though because I squeezed too much lemon juice on it. But overall, this set was delicious! I really loved it!

 Look at those chicken pieces. And that gorgeous red-orange soup.

Yup, that's the small ramen bowl. Not too small, right?

Gin got Set A which is similar to the set we got, only hers had fried pork cutlet instead of chicken. She also got a small bowl of shio ramen instead of kara-miso. The pork cutlet was served and eaten like tonkatsu -- with sesame seeds ground and that sweet, thick, brown sauce.

 Set A

This was a bit more expensive than the fried chicken set but as you can see, the cutlet's serving portion was also quite generous. I'm no tonkatsu expert as well but this one was good enough. No complains here.

Finally, the only person who did not get a set meal (though I was expecting him to do so), Greg tried the Awasi-aji Ramen. This is a mixed soup ramen. A combination of salt, soy sauce, and soybean. It comes with a bowl of rice, which you add to the soup after consuming the noodles, and a small plate of kikurage or black fungus. This is the regular ramen bowl. Based on Greg's reaction, this bowl was also good and satisfying. 

 Awase-aji Ramen

This is the rest of Ramen Santouka's menu. As you can see, the set meals are priced very reasonably, especially if you want to try two special dishes at the same time. Earlier on, I've heard that their fried chicken was also one of their best-sellers, not just their ramen. Imagine my delight when I saw both came in a set! This is one of the best new places I've eaten in this year. I am definitely going back to try the other dishes.

 Ramen Santouka's Menu

Price Range: P290-P640/person

5 out of 5 for Ramen Santouka

Ramen Santouka
Upper Level, Old Promenade
Greenhills, San Juan
Contact Number: (632) 781 9704 or (63 915) 771 2735


Contact details courtesy of Ramen Santouka's Facebook page.

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