17 April 2014

Dang Dee Fast Food: Another Taiwanese Delight

It's been more or less three months since I last updated my blog. It saddens me that I haven't been able to manage my time well enough to update this blog and keep up with my studies. But I want to change all that starting now. I know I said this back in January but I really want to make this work so for my first blog entry under my new lifestyle, I shall write about this new food discovery I stumbled upon in my friend's Instagram account (thank you, Nadz To) -- an incredibly wonderful and unbelievable new food delivery/restaurant-ish along Salcedo Street in Makati. Yes, the food is really good and the price, unbelievable. Office employees, students, and anyone else on a budget, I present to you Dang Dee Fast Food.

Dang Dee Fast Food is a small, hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant. Nothing fancy. There are about 8-10 tables inside, a counter, a wash area, and a rest room. Pick from any of their value meals, order, and wait for it to be served or packed. What makes this little fast food so special is that their value meals are made of win. You can grab a really filling and delicious lunch or dinner for as low as P78, and that comes with a free drink already. So what does a Dang Dee value meal look like?

Each meal comes with a very generous serving of rice, something I really, really, really applaud. I love rice, and no matter how little viand you give me, as long as there's a generous serving of rice, I'll make do and be very satisfied with it. It also comes with not two, but three side dishes -- two kinds of steamed vegetables (I got steamed kang kong, and steamed mixed veggies), and some kind of chopped pickled vegetable that was a bit spicy (I think this was a perfect 3rd side dish because it adds spice to one's lunch, making the whole meal even more exciting to eat), and half a slice of adobo egg. Yes, all that in one meal. Don't forget the main dish you ordered, and the free tetra pack of orange juice. It's an all-in-one meal for less than P100 (save for one dish that was P128). Now do you believe me? This is a really great treat for those who eat a lot (like me) but are on a budget and desire nothing less than quality food. Don't worry about the taste of the food. Despite the really affordable price of the meals, the quality and taste are not compromised. Here are two of the meals they serve:

 Classic Bento

The Classic Bento Box comes with all of the things I've mentioned above plus slices of pork similar to pork asado slices and crispy slices of pork. I got this meal for our kuya driver since we both haven't eaten lunch yet. Our driver is a big guy so I was really surprised that this meal satisfied his hunger. All this for P88.

 Porkchop Meal

The Porkchop Meal comes with a big though thinner slice of breaded porkchop. It's bigger than my hand, and very satisfying. The flavor was just right -- it wasn't too bland nor too salty, and as I mentioned, everything else in the meal complemented each other. I usually have a big appetite but I wasn't able to finish this meal in one sitting. I had to pause, do some errands, and then come back to eat the rest. And this meal cost me only P98. 

Dang Dee's meals may be simple but each meal is very filling and satisfying, not to mention prices that are very reasonable. I haven't had a complete meal like this for this price in a long time and rarely do restaurants offer free drinks with this much already. 

Below is a list of the complete meals Dang Dee offers. Contact details may be found in the photo as well. They have two branches, but the one I visited is the one in Makati. Enjoy! :)

Price: P78-128/complete meal

5 out of 5 for their excellent yet affordable complete meals

Dang Dee Fast Food
Salcedo Street cor. Benavidez Street,
Makati City
Contact Number: (632) 808 0643, 836 4188

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