03 December 2012

Remember, remember the 1st of December :)

Happy December, everyone! My first December post is dedicated to Vikings SM Marikina for their delicious spread and very accommodating staff. I've been writing about food for some time now and if you read my posts, you'd notice that I'm not only big on the flavor (of the food), but also on the service the restaurant provides.

It was my mom's and boyfriend's birthdays so I was very stressed and nervous about how the whole thing was going to go down. I made reservations three weeks in advance. Their MOA branch was already fully booked a month before, so I had to make sure we got a slot. Thankfully, I was able to get a dinner reservation, and all I had to do was wait for the day.

We arrived at 5:30 in the afternoon, and I was so thankful for having a reservation. There was a very long line of people waiting outside the restaurant already. Since this was a surprise birthday dinner for Gus (my mom knows I'm treating her for her birthday), my family and I went in first. My boyfriend's sister, Gin, helped me distract him while I made sure our table was ready. A waiter led us to our table and made sure we had everything we needed before leaving. Once everything was set, I met Gus and Gin outside and brought them in. I gave them a walking tour of the restaurant, pretending that we were only there to check their buffet selection. When we reached the end of the long, very long buffet table, I told Gus to grab a plate and start eating. 

SURPRISE! We're celebrating your birthday dinner here! :)

Vikings is one of the biggest, standalone buffet restaurants in the metro. Their spread includes Japanese, Chinese, American, Italian, Korean, and Filipino dishes from appetizers, to soups, to a wide range of main courses, desserts, and beverages. I would say this is the biggest buffet restaurant (excluding hotel buffets) since Vikings is the first and only buffet restaurant that serves unlimited cola, juices, coffee, tea, special drinks (native drinks like sago't gulaman, tsokolate, fresh coconut juice, fruit shakes) and beer. Tempting, right?

 Kebabs and other meats on a stick
Breads, cheeses, and cold cuts
Plus the tsokolate

Quiche, mini sandwiches, and other finger foods
THE MEAT: Australian Lamb, Rib eye, Sirloin

Hotpot and Fresh Seafood for grilling

We didn't know where to start because there was literally so much food everywhere. The buffet table stretched from the entrance to the other end of the restaurant, not to mention the separate sushi table in the middle. We all went our separate ways, grabbing food we see, not even thinking about which food goes well with which. Words can no longer describe our gastronomic experience so let me share the pictures of the food with you.

Chinese cold cuts, fresh hotpot ingredients, and
a portion of the sushi spread 

The rest of the sushi table

A world of desserts!

Yes, this is how much food there was. This wasn't even the whole spread. We were so surprised with how much food there was that we couldn't wait and take pictures of the whole enchilada anymore. We just dove right into it and let our tummies enjoy for five hours. :)

This is just 1/16 of everything we ate!


And since we were celebrating two birthdays that day, they provided us with two round mini cakes with a greeting. It wasn't as grand as the other celebrants who got singing servers, but we weren't really into the whole servers-sing-for-us thing. Besides, the servers sang so poorly I was thankful mom and Gus were able to blow their birthday cakes in peace. 

 Happy Birthday!

Overall, the dining experience was superb. The food was great, the service was exceptional (the manager was very courteous and accommodating, and the servers were very polite), and the washrooms were very clean! Yes, you are eating so the washrooms should be clean. You wouldn't want to lose your appetite just because of a stinky, dirty washroom, right? ;)

Price Range: P1,088++ (5% service charge) for dinner

4.5 out of 5 (the cakes took too long to arrive but it was understandable since the place was packed)

Vikings Luxury Buffet

2/F SM Marikina

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