04 December 2012

BDJ Box 2.0

My second BDJ box arrived a couple of days ago, and I'd have to say, this was better. It had more brands and products compared to the first one, which was, in my opinion, was overflowing with Garnier products (not that I have something against the brand). 

The second box had 11 different products, both from local and international brands. It also had FOUR bonus gift cards from four different brands.

Yes. Those are the products inside the second box. Well, not all of it. I gave the small sample of L'oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Multi-Action 8 Cleaner to my brother since it was the product he was already using. This box was definitely a notch higher than their first. The brands in this one included Shiseido, L'Occitane, Calvin Klein, Nippon, Yuka, Physiogel, Dentiste, Azta, Strip: Ministry of Waxing, and Garnier.

The Physiogel Intensive Cream alone cost more than the box already (around P527.50 in Mercury Drug stores), so this one was definitely a steal and worth every penny. It also works wonders, though I have yet to write a review about it. Another product included in this box, the Yuka Acetone-free Nail Polish Remover (read my review on that here) was also amazing. L'Occitane lovers will definitely love this one too since it comes with two soap bars. All in all, this is a box worth buying. Except for the tons of Garnier samples. The first box had too much already (read my review here), I think this box didn't need any more of it, even if it was a different product. The samples were too much and too similar.

As for the bonus gift cards, you get:
  • 10% off L'Occitane products for a minimun purchase of P1,000
  • P2,000 off the price for a L'oreal X-tenso Moisturist Digital Perm and Rebonding Services, and P1,000 off the price for INOA Hair Color Services at Azta Urban Salon
  • 10%, 15% discounts, a free facial, and a free product sample for minimum purchases at Shiseido
  • A voucher for a free upper lip wax from Strip: Ministry of Wax (unfortunately, I don't need waxing for my upper lip so send me a note if you want it. No charge, I just don't want it to go to waste.)

To get your own box, click here.

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