15 November 2012

Wake Up! Part 2

Another recent discovery was Tapsilog Avenue along Xavierville Avenue. Two weeks ago, Gus and I went to Ababu for a late night snack (yes, we usually eat rice for snack), and we saw this new tapsilog place beside. Since we went all the way to Katipunan from Ortigas just to eat at Ababu, I decided we could try the tapsilog place another time. And so we finally did!

The place was a little hole-in-the-wall. Nothing special. Tables and benches made of wood, an inside and outside area, a small restroom and don't count on parking. There's only enough space for one car in front of the place. But of course, we didn't go there to see/appreciate the place. We went there to try the food.

The place offered different kinds of silog. -silogs are famous breakfast meals in the Philippines. It's a meal with one kind of meat or processed food product, sinangag (fried rice), and egg (itlog). For P45, you can try the ever famous Filipino breakfast tapsilog -- tapa, sinangag, and itlog. Or if you're not a salty type of person, you can try their tocilog (tocino or cured sweet pork), hotsilog (hotdog), porksilog (porkchop), and all the other silogs you can think of. Yes, all kinds of silogs for P45 only. 


And it comes with hot bulalo soup!

They also have sizzling versions of their food items. While I got my ever favorite tapsilog, Gus got the sizzling version of it. The sizzling meals were a little more expensive compared to the regular silos, but they were still within anyone's budget. Gus's Sizzling Tapsilog was only P55.

Sizzling Tapa

Tapsilog Avenue would definitely be a new go-to place/sobering-up-place for me and my friends if we were still in college. But hey, even if it was all the way in Katipunan, I'd be willing to go there just to have an inexpensive tapsilog fix. I have to warn you though. I do have one problem with Tapsi Avenue -- they could use a little more cleanliness and sanitation. I went through three pairs of utensils because they weren't washed well. Food was great, but I'd bring my own pair of utensils next time.

Price Range: P45-80

3 out of 5 for Tapsi Avenue (I hate dirty utensils.)

Tapsilog Avenue (in between Papu's and Ababu)
Xavierville Avenue,
Loyola Heights

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