14 August 2011

welcome aboard!


Welcome to my new and improved blog! It's been about two weeks since I chose this design. As you can see, I chose a header that suits my blog's name and URL better. The blog's theme was based upon the final picture I chose for the header. Since the day I created this blog, I never really talked about why my blog had that title, or why my URL was the way it was. I guess I was too busy with my emotions and my social life that I never got to share the most basic and obvious of things: Why my blog is the way it is. Was.

Looking back, my blog was first entitled: "when pigs & penguins learn to fly" The history behind this blog title revolved around one guy I really loved back then. I love penguins and grew to love pigs as well. They're are just so adorable! The pigs part was our thing. That was the first stuffed gift I got from him. A big, fat, pink pig we named Barbeque. Penguins, I just naturally love because, in spite of their supposed lower level of intelligence compared to us humans, penguins know how to be faithful. They're loyal creatures who stick to their one mate until the end. I guess those two just found a permanent home in my heart. :) 

So why learn to fly? Here comes the cheesy part. After things fell apart, I was a bit of a mess. The break-up was really tough on me. Every time I try to remember how I was three years ago, I always end up being thankful for having my real friends by my side at that time, to help me cope. Even if it means putting their own lives on hold for the night, for me. The studious girl, the boyfriend, the future lawyer. Yup. Diane putting her academics aside for one night, Greg agreeing to come with even if it posed possible issues with his then- girlfriend, and Mikee, even if he could've spent his night partying with his boys. That was how hard the break-up was. I constantly needed a distraction. To keep me from thinking about what I was going through. And for us college students, it meant a night of drinking the blues away. I thought of myself as a mother to my pig and penguin babies. I wanted to learn how to fly away from where I was, to learn how to move on. I know pigs don't fly, and penguins can't fly, and right there and then, that was how I was. I don't, I can't, fly.

"when pigs & penguins learn how to fly" was actually a phrase I used to remind me of where I wanted to be then. I wanted to be in a place where both pigs and penguins can fly, where my heart wasn't broken, where I wasn't crying all night.

The second one, "when pigs & penguins fly", was put into use when, you guessed it, I was able to get up and start over. All issues have been resolved and I was able to mend my friendship with this person again. On to more drama, random musings, and rants about life, love, and everything under the sun.

Then again, those two blog titles didn't really explain or even relate to my blog's URL, penggorasbox. And the next big question is.. "Why is it called penggorasbox?"

My blog's URL was actually coined by my dear friend, Isa. Check her blog here! I was talking to her one bright, sunny day, thinking about possible URLs for this new blog I plan to set-up, and voila! Out came penggorasbox from her cute, pouting lips!

I don't really remember her explanation for choosing penggorasbox. I think it was because of my love for penguins. But for me, penggorasbox stands not only for my love of penguins, but also in relation to Pandora's Box -- the Greek artifact that contained all the evils of the world. 

Penguin + Pandora + Box



Just like the box that contained all the different evils of the world, my blog also contains, if not enough/yet, will also contain, a whole lot of different topics, waiting to see the world! In this case, people who will get to read my entries. From love to life, reviews and recipes, to random musings and rants from anything and everything under the sun. This is still my personal blog so expect a little bit of me in it too, from time to time. ;)

Welcome aboard, Penggora's Box! ^@^

Photos courtesy of http://fyeahpenguins.tumblr.com and http://askjeeves.com

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