03 August 2011

lemons from life

"Kayo ha. Huwag kayong mag-aaway."

With a tight grip on both our hands, this was the first thing a very good friend, Honey, told Gus and I when we visited her boyfriend, Sean's (Gus's Xavier batchmate), wake last night. 

Honey is a very good friend and confidant. We've seen and heard each other's struggles in life, in love, in org work back in college. I've seen her at her happiest, and of course, her saddest. Just a few months back, I finally saw the happy Honey I knew. With a twinkle in her eye, a very big smile, I knew that she was finally back. All because of one person I only had a brief hi/hello with -- Sean. 

But just like that, like a cruel twist of fate, Honey lost it. Sean suffered from complications from a muscle tear two weeks ago and never recovered. 

I know it's too late but I wish I got to know more about, got to know, Sean. I believe he was a very good person. He loved Honey very much and he made her happy. Those are definitely a few traits of a person worth knowing: if he loves and takes care of one of your really good friends. To Sean, thank you for loving and taking care of Honey. I know you will continue to love and watch over her from up above. Give her strength to go through this. I know you will always be with her.

Honey, be strong. We know you're one strong woman and in case you feel like just giving up, your friends will always be there for you. We will always be here for you. 

Life is too short to spend most of your time fighting, disagreeing, hurting people you love. Don't let life convince you it really is before realizing how blessed you still are for having the people you love still in your life right now.

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