29 August 2011

[five years, 10 months, on to forever!] 10th at Zoricho

Last Saturday, 27 August 2011, Gus and I decided to celebrate our 10th month of being officially together by crossing out a restaurant name from our "list". He was deciding between Lugang Cafe in Greenhills, and Zoricho in Silver City. After minutes of discussing and choosing, we decided to give Zoricho a try.

Zoricho is a small, cozy restaurant located beside Starbucks in Silver City. They mostly offer Filipino food with a twist, while their specialty is sausage, or in Filipino, longganiza.

We had a difficult time finding a parking slot in the covered parking area. We didn't want to park in any of the open lots because it was raining really hard that night. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, we finally found a spot and parked. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we noticed how cozy the look and feel of it was. It seemed like the perfect Sunday brunch place for families.

We were greeted with warm smiles from the staff and was quickly attended to. They handed us their menu, which included a little springed book and two other single page menus.

We've been passing by this restaurant for a few months now so, I had an easy time picking out what I like. I ordered their Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Sauce, and Tinapa Rice.

Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Sauce

The fish was served filleted, on top of the fish body/bone, with the tamarind sauce on the side. Fried basil leaves were used to garnish the dish. The fish in itself was already good. It was not too salty, not too bland, and fried just right. The tamarind sauce, a slightly thick, brown, dipping sauce, on the other hand, was something really new and old at the same time. New, because it was our first time to hear of, and try tamarind sauce, and old, because the taste was vaguely familiar though we couldn't distinguish was it tasted like because of the hint of tamarind in it. Finally, the garnish. At first, I thought it really was just for garnishing, until Gus tried a bite. He said it was delicious, so, I tried it too. The flavor of the basil wasn't as strong as when you get it fresh, and somehow, the oil added some flavor. It didn't taste fried, I can't explain how it tastes exactly, but it was delicious. We ended up eating it too, with the fish. :)

Fried Basil Leaves -- yum!

The Tinapa Rice was also great. The tinapa pieces were bigger than the usual you'd see in other restaurants. It was a combination of both a strong smoky and salty flavor, instead of the usual saltiness only. It also had other ingredients tossed into it like salted egg slices and leeks. And unlike the most recent tinapa rice we tasted, this was prepared the way fried rice should be prepared. Not sticky. 

Tinapa Rice

After minutes of switching between menus, Gus finally decided to get.. Torta!

Zoricho Tortang Talong with Pinakurat Salsa

Apart from eggs, Gus loves torta. So when he saw that they offer torta in the menu, he became excited as a little boy. Though excited, he was a bit hesitant to order because it was a bit expensive. But after a lot of thinking, he finally gave in! I'm glad to say he wasn't disappointed. There were five pieces of torta on the serving plate! The torta got his approval right away. It was good. The price was definitely justified. It smelled of garlic, and the salsa. The salsa on top was also something. It complimented the torta's unusual taste. The right mix of sweet and sour, but don't think of the sweet and sour sauce! There's just a hint of both in the salsa, which goes well with the torta's fried texture and taste.

This was definitely a good deal, I mean meal, for us. One scary thing in trying out new things is that it may not turn out the way you thought or expected it to be. Sometimes it turns out bad, sometimes it is good. Just like me and my fluff! (Happy 10th Month, Taba!)

And as I've mentioned before in my previous entries, a good meal always comes with good service. We are definitely coming back to this restaurant to try out the other dishes they have. Not just because we were satisfied with the food, but because their attendants were so warm and accommodating too. We didn't have to wait for our orders to be taken, or our requests to be fulfilled. Not once did we also see them frown, or look indifferent as they worked. It was really a fun dining experience for us.

 'til next time! :)

Cheers to yet another wonderful foodtrip experience, and another month of being together! Much love, much food. ^@^

Stuffed and happy couple! :)
Price Range: P200/each

5 out of 5 for Zoricho

Unit SC 118
Silver City, Frontera Verde
Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 2) 571 3269

Contact details courtesy of: http://www.munchpunch.com/8316/zoricho-silver-city

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