23 June 2015

Better than Love: The Karada Experience

I've been dealing with back pain for the longest time that's why I try to get regular massages when my schedule permits.  I've tried and researched about different kinds of massages, from your usual shiatsu and Swedish, to legit reflexology from the ancient Chinese, to Thai massage. Any type of massage that will not only destress me but will also relieve me of my constant back pain.

Three years ago, Gus and I walked past this new "massage" place in Glorietta.  It didn't look much like a relaxing, therapeutic spa given the bright orange color of its walls and decors but we decided to go back and take a look at the place anyway because of the skeleton decal posted on its glass window.  It wasn't your usual massage place but what got our attention was the pictures of skeletons and the back with the caption AP Balance.  That definitely piqued our curiosity more.  At that time, all we found out was that this wasn't your typical massage rather, a technique that makes use of chiropractic, Thai massage, and Osteopathy principles.  The technique aligns the first cervical bone, the Atlas, with the main base of our body, the Pelvis, which is believed to relieve the body of its aches and stress.

At least that's what they're selling.  Flashforward to 2015 or three years after.  I haven't really gone around to trying out this new technique but all the stuff I got myself into -- internship, summer class, several school projects, and visa application got the best of me and my body.  I didn't know what else to do since I've been taking meds for the flu, but my back pain was just beyond bearable at that point.  I wasn't sure if it was because of the flu or if it was my usual back-pain-from-stress.  Whatever was causing it, I couldn't deal with it then so I decided to try out "bright orange colored spa" I saw a couple of years back.  I had a few hours to spare waiting for my mom, and the only other massage place near my internship charges P600 an hour for your usual shiatsu/Swedish.  If I were to spend around that much, I would definitely try that new technique instead so that's what I did.  Let me introduce you to the Karada Technique.

As I have already mentioned, this is not your typical massage.  The whole process starts with a consultation.  The therapist assigned to you (I'm not sure what you call them) will ask you questions based on a questionnaire they make you answer while waiting.  The questionnaire includes basic personal information and questions about the pain you've been experiencing.  After the consultation, the actual process begins.

I opted to change into their jammies

The first part of the AP Balance starts with a massage.  The therapist explained to me that she was trying to soften my muscles because it was too hard/tight.  She started massaging the upper part of my neck/base of my head.  This part already got me hooked.  I've tried so many massages and though they were very relaxing, this was the only one that really got to hit the spots I was complaining about.  My friends know how I always say I want someone to pull my head so my spine can stretch, and this felt exactly like it!  

This is where the procedure is done. I couldn't take a selfie so..

The next part was the actual AP alignment.  My therapist started massaging my back and then she started "aligning" each part/bracket(?) of my spinal cord (I don't really know what they're called).  I don't know how else to explain it.  It was like she was trying to push jengga bars to form a tower.  Upon reaching my lower back, yet again, she hit the perfect spot(s)!  The left and right parts of my pelvic bone, pressed with just the right amount.  This was heaven for me!  I have very weird pain spots on my back, and this technique just got every little bit right.  I don't even know how that's possible.

I know we all have our own pain spots but why am I promoting the Karada Technique?  I am promoting Karada because what they advertise is true.  I woke up the following day with NO BACK PAIN!  That's a first in weeks!  This is why I decided to write about my experience.  My money was definitely well-spent.

Price: PhP395-1,995 per session

5 out of 5 for Karada

Karada Philippines
Greenbelt 1 (beside the carpark entrance along Legazpi Street)
Contact Number: (+632) 503 6004

Contact information courtesy of their Facebook page.


  1. I have read a lot about Japanese body therapy and I would like to try a back massage. I know a couple of people who have regular back pain and know how effective massage can be in relaxing the muscles and healing aches and pains. The best solution to getting an effective massage is to look for an experienced masseuse.

    William Connors @ The Healing Station

  2. Hi, just curious, which package did you choose? I badly need to know because I'm experiencing the same (back ache that can't be relieved by the usual massage! x_x ) thanks!

    1. Hi! I got the AP Balance treatment. I think you should give it a shot and see if it makes your back any better. :)