06 March 2015

Where Do Broken Hearts Go Ba Talaga?

I went to Sagada to clear my head, breathe some fresh air and maybe some sanity back into my system. I expected it to be less of a vacation and more of a Let-Me-Find-Myself trip but the place was too amazing to not be noticed. Here are a few places we visited during our 1-day stay up in the mountains.

Kiltepan Viewpoint

The primary reason I went up the mountains was to shout, yell, scream my feelings out *drama queen*. But upon seeing this magnificent view, words cannot describe it, I just stood there in awe. That, and, there were about a hundred or so people waiting to scream their feelings out.

5-minutes per person max 
Yell all you want

 Waiting for the sun to come out

 But it was too cloudy
(Even the weather synced with my emotions that day)

There are two ways up the point. You can either hire a jeep or van (or if you drove up Sagada, drive all the way up), or you can walk/hike about 3-km up the trail. If you can wake up early, at about 4 AM, I'd suggest you go hiking with your friends. Bring flashlights, water, some music and enjoy the walk. Make sure you're all covered up too since it's colder in the wee hours. The view is worth the walk.

 Look at that view

This is the trail going up. Wear comfortable shoes or rubber shoes since the trail isn't paved. It's mostly soil and rocks and mud, if it drizzles the night before.

 Drama Queen

After seeing the sunrise, or the little peeping sun, we decided to stay for a bit at the little cafe (a store/house that sells HOT coffee, chocolate, noodles, and some crackers). It was really cold that I needed something hot, literally. Got a cup of coffee and some hot noodles before we decided to head back down. Fortunately, a truck passed by and offered us a lift! There are good people in the world!

Sagada Brew

When we got back to the town proper, we decided to look for the Lemon House so I could buy some lemon pie for my friends. But the temperature was really low that I needed to grab myself another cup of coffee. Gus read about several must-tries in Sagada, including Sagada Brew, so we decided to drop by and try some Sagada coffee.

 Sagada Coffee

 Cinnamon Buns
(I took a photo because the BUTTER WON'T MELT)

Unfortunately, while we were enjoying our strong, black coffee, we overheard a couple saying that all the lemon pies for the day were gone! It was only 8 AM! I still decided to check out the place, just to see if by some miracle, there was a pie or two left.

Sagada Lemon Pie House

Sagada Lemon Pie House

No miracle. The place was packed! Apparently, the Lemon Pie House is also known for its cheap meals. Each meal will cost you around P80-150 only compared to some of the other restaurants in the area which offer meals for P100-300 a dish. It was so full that even the restaurant part had to stop accepting guests because they ran out of food.

Yoghurt House

Yoghurt House

Our last stop was the Yoghurt House. We were supposed to have breakfast here but I found their menu too limited. I wanted rice. They had some rice meals like the usual tapa, tocino, but each meal cost at least P250 each. I think this restaurant caters more to the foreign tourists.

We ended up having breakfast in the inn we stayed at. I remember browsing through their menu the night before and seeing the usual home-cooked meals for as low as P90. I asked Gus if he wanted anything specific from Yoghurt House or if we could just eat at the inn. We decided to check out and just eat there. It wasn't such a bad idea.

Ganduyan Inn

If I remember correctly, this whole meal cost us around P250 only. That's CornedBeefSilog, a side of crisp bacon, vegetable omelet, and a cup of lemongrass tea.

Despite the really tight schedule, and the tiring walks, the trip was so worth it. Almost everything cost less in Sagada, and the view is just breathtaking, the air felt so fresh. It was truly relaxing. There are more places to visit and try out so I suggest a 2-day trip instead of an overnight adventure.

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