07 March 2015

Stress Shopping.. NOT!

The past few months haven't been exactly, okay. There's the normal stress -- law school, but then again, there are also other unnecessary stress popping in and out from time to time. People deal differently with stress. Others breakdown, others eat to their hearts desire, others cry in one corner, while women, well, women like to shop.

Since law school, I've grown fond of shopping for.. highlighters and pens. Since law school, I've also grown accustomed to shopping for shoes and other things online. Because of our busy schedule, the lack of time meant no time to go shopping or less time to do anything else. So I started exploring online shops.

My first online experience was with Zalora. I actually wrote about it since I had a great first online shopping experience with them. After Zalora, I started exploring other sites like BeautyMNL, Luxola, and the online sites of clothing stores like Forever 21 and H&M. Online window shopping was the closest I can get to actual window shopping/shopping. But of course, for those of you who have actually tried online shopping, you know how tedious searching for different items in different websites can be. You can only open so many tabs in your browser before one tab hangs or you get confused as to what site you're actually looking at. Fortunately, I chanced upon this fairly new website that solves that problem.

It's like your usual online shopping site, only better. They offer a various range of products from clothes, shoes, electronics, and beauty products. They even have appliances! So what makes this better than the other shopping sites? Simple. They simplify your online shopping experience!

iPrice.ph gives you different products per page. Once you see a product you like, you click on it and the site takes you to the online shopping site that offers the product. For example, if I am looking for a dress, I just scroll down and click on the particular type of dress I like.

Once I click on the dress, it takes me to the website that offers the dress. From there, I can make the purchase.

If you want a particular brand, you can also browse the site by brand.

It's that simple. Find a product or brand, click, and it takes you to the online site that offers the product. No more googling or clicking several sites. Just one site, several products, one checkout.

If you're already a patron of a certain shopping site that caters to your needs, you can also check out iPrice for offers that may not be available at the specific shopping site you're visiting. Take for example, Zalora. I recently had to purchase shoes for my upcoming internship this summer. Zalora Philippines didn't have any promos at that time, and I haven't received any newsletter lately with promotional codes so I was surprised to find that iPrice.ph had a 10% discount code on their site! Sweet!

So for all online shoppers, or those who just don't have time to actually go to a store and shop, you might want to check out iPrice.ph for your various needs. Your one stop shopping destination. :D

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