05 July 2013

Kawayan Massage

Last night, I decided to try this new massage-at-home service that I found online. I really wanted to go to Ahavia but I was too lazy to get my ass up and drive to San Juan so I searched the net and tried to look for a decent, not-so-sketchy-looking massage website and stumbled upon Kawayan Massage.

Kawayan Massage's website is the most decent looking I've seen so far (that's why I clicked it). I haven't seen explicit massage sites but compared to the others, this one gets a G (suitable for young viewers) rating. No reference to Japanese girls, or pictures of men and women half-naked getting a massage. Their website was very straightforward -- services, locations, permits, and contact details. 

Now let's go to the massage. Since this was my first time, I opted to go for a safe choice -- a Swedish-Shiatsu Combo. I was very tired from all the reading and studying that I couldn't resist getting a 2-hour massage. But again, safe choices. Swedish and shiatsu are the two most common massages, who could get it wrong? I didn't have my own therapist yet so I asked them to send an experienced one since I preferred hard massages. 

When the therapist came, she immediately informed me of what she needed. She asked what kind of pressure I preferred and politely asked if we could begin. A few minutes after the massage started, she asked if the pressure was okay. She made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Now to the most important part.. The massage.


The therapist knew what she was doing. Every cold spot, every joint, every stressed muscle was de-stressed. The pressure was just the right kind of hard -- not painful, not annoying, very relaxing. She was able to break almost all my protein blocks a.k.a all my "lamig." Words cannot express how amazing that massage felt. It was the best at-home massage service I got.

Apart from the massage itself, their customer service person, who I believe is also the owner, was very nice. He was polite and accommodating. He takes note of your personal information and preference so they can just check it when you book another appointment. They try to make it personal so you'd feel very comfortable and at ease when you get your massage the next time. The overall experience from the booking to the massage to the post-massage service was just amazing. Oh, and they also check up on you after the massage and ask if there were any problems or any way they could improve. :)

How much? Excellent service for only P250/hour. 

Price: P250* (now P300)

5 out of 5 for Kawayan Massage

Kawayan Massage

*The service is now at P300/hour. But it's still worth every cent. 

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