29 July 2013

Flipped! Caribbean Footwear

Hi guys! As I've mentioned a few days ago, it's my first midterms week in law school, thus, my lack of time for anything else that doesn't involve studying. I've been using my brain way too much the past week, exceeding more than what it was used to before I entered law school (I just hope it all pays off next week) but I'm taking a much needed break now. My brain can't recognize words anymore. -_-

So, over the weekend, I got not one, but two pairs of new flip flops. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but back in college, I was a flip flops girl. Jeans, shirt, and flip flops everyday. I even had a collection! They were just so comfy. :) Anyway, I was loyal to a certain brand (since I haven't really had the chance to try other brands then), but over the weekend, I was able to try something new.

I rarely look at other brands because I'm used to buying my usual. But since a friend mentioned this new brand, I decided to check it out. Normally, I wouldn't waste my time trying out unknown brands because the last time I did that, I got burns in between my toes. Yup, comfy flip flops weren't comfy at all. Anyway, I got a few pairs to try out and I was surprised. They don't feel foreign.

I don't mean to sound harsh but based on experience, not all inexpensive flip flops are actually comfortable. Most of them have hard innersoles (the part where our foot lies -- I don't really know what you call them) and some of the plastic material that goes in between your big toe and other toes are so hard and rough that they cause friction and burn the skin. This one's DIFFERENT.

Introducing my latest find: Caribbean Footwear.

Caribbean Footwear is a local flip flops brand that was launched in 2010. It uses top of the line technology to create flip flops that are durable, fashionable, comfortable, and most importantly, inexpensive. It is sold in leading department stores at a very affordable price. The price range of their flip flops? PhP179 to PhP250. Good, right? 

The best part is, they're not all talk! I checked their website to find out more about this new brand and true enough, their flip flops are what they described them to be. They have a wide range of really cool flip flops that are priced at about 1/4 of what I usually buy. The innersole is really comfortable too! Plus, the strap in between your toes doesn't rub against your skin. I'm actually pretty amazed at how comfortable and inexpensive it is.

If you don't believe me, check out Caribbean Footwear yourself. You can find it in any leading department store (SM, Landmark) and if you like it as much as I do, you can grab a pair for as low as PhP179!

Check out their other designs at Caribbean Footwear Collection. For more information about the brand, visit their website or their Facebook page.

Price Range: PhP179 - 250/pair

5 out of 5 for Caribbean Footwear

Caribbean Footwear
SM Department Store, Landmark Department Store

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