08 March 2013

Welcome back, Popsi!

A few weeks ago, our beloved son, Popsicle, had to be sent to the hospital. He was losing all his fluff and was starting to lose weight. :( Gus and I tried to look for a place where we can have him fixed. Unfortunately, the Philippines isn't really a teddy bear country so there aren't many places where you can have your teddy fixed.

Loose fluff :(

Thankfully, Gus remembered this stuffed toy factory that made customised toys. We tried our luck, just in case they repaired stuffed toys too (they did make customised stuffed toys). And boom! They had a stuffed animal hospital! The stuffed animal hospital did all kinds of repairs. Well, it depends on the kind of repair your beloved toy needed. They would send it to the hospital and check if they can still repair fluffy. But so far, it looks like they can repair almost anything. You'll know in a while. :)

Gus brought Popsicle to Animaland in Bonifacio High Street. We had to pay P500 for Popsi to be hospitalised. The fee was a bit too pricey but the perks were too cute to resist. It would take a minimum of 14 working days for them to repair a toy, but when they come back to you, they come with a certificate of good health and a hospital gown. Yes, a hospital gown!

It took nearly a month for Popsi to return because when we first tried to get him, he wasn't looking well. Yes, he was fluffed again, fluffier than ever, but his skin was now transparent. You could see his insides! :O You could just imagine our horror when we saw Popsi's transparent sides, and opaque belly. The staff of Animaland offered to send Popsi back to the hospital to have him fixed again. A few days later, Popsi was home again!

The Animaland Hospital not just re-fluffed our beloved Popsi, but he was also cleaned, and re-stitched all over. He got a certificate of good health and hospital gown too. Plus, the staff who attended to us were friendly. When they saw how unsatisfied we were with Popsi the first time, they offered to take him back, free of charge.

So the next time your beloved teddy or fluffy needs some cleaning or repair/s, bring him to Animaland. They'll take care of him/her for sure. :)

Price: P500

5 out of 5 for Animaland Hospital

Animaland Stuffery
B2 Bonifacio High Street,
Bonifacio Global City
Phone Number: (632) 856 2700

Contact details courtesy of http://local.clickthecity.com/b/tl40249/animaland-bonifacio-high-street


  1. Thank you for this!!!

    1. No problem. You restored our beloved Popsi. :) It's the least I can do for a service excellently done!

    2. Thank you for this! My sister has a stuffed toy that needs to be repaired. Her tiger toy is now turning 6 years old this September. Now, we can have it repaired back to its good form.

  2. Thanks for this, Coleen! I was surprised it was your blog I stumbled upon when I searched Google for local stuffed toy repair places. I'm going to try Animaland out to get my 16-year old teddy bear fixed. Yey! :D

    1. Hahaha! You're welcome! I had a hard time finding a place that could fix one of my babies so when I found one, I decided to write about it to help others who are looking for the same thing. Get well soon, Teddy!

  3. Hi Coleen!

    Your post is really helpful. We have been searching for a toy repair shop for our dear Tiger plushie. Hope they can repair him too.

  4. hi! would you know if they still offer this service? and also can you repost the pictures? i think something's wrong witht the display. thanks a lot!

  5. Hi! Was wondering about the same thing as iamsoadek. Been looking for a place that could restore my now 19 yo teddy �� Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi iamsoadek and Mico. I'm sorry for the very late reply. I'll try to look for the photos I have for this one. I didn't know Google stored all my blog photos so it got deleted when I transferred accounts. As for your query, they already closed shop in Bonifacio High Street (where I got Popsi fixed). However, they still have a branch in the 3/L of Trinoma, near the circle-overlooking-the-activity-area area. They might still have the same service as they are from the same company.