11 March 2013

Beauty in Every Cup: Caffe Bene

I don't really know the difference between American coffee shops and Korean coffee shops. For me, coffee is coffee no matter where you are. I enjoy drinking it in Manila, I enjoy drinking it in China. I enjoy drinking coffee from the US, I enjoy drinking coffee from Columbia. I enjoy drinking it from a recyclable cup, I enjoy drinking it from a glass cup. I just love drinking coffee and I pretty much don't care where it came from, as long as it's good and clean. :D

But of course, there are times when we just want to relax, enjoy our surroundings with a hot cup of delicious coffee in hand. Sometimes, we just need to get away from our beds to finish projects or study for exams in peace. At other times, we just want to meet up and catch up with friends over a good ol' cup of joe. For these different reasons, we tend to rely on the nearest coffee shop we know and enjoy our coffee there.

The usual coffee shops we go to are the more well-known establishments here in the Philippines, those that have built their name in the country. But for those people who are willing to try something new, I suggest you visit this new coffee shop in Eastwood City called Caffe Bene.

Caffe Bene is a famous coffee shop in South Korea. A few months ago, they opened their first branch here in the Philippines. As I mentioned earlier, I don't really care where I get my coffee, as long as it's good and clean. I've never tried Caffe Bene's products before since I haven't been to South Korea, but friends have been praising it so I had to try it out myself.

The first thing that will catch your attention when you visit this coffee shop is it's wooden interiors. It gives you a different feeling, nothing less of relaxing, but it is something refreshing. It's like being one with nature.

The pastries are also something to look forward to. They have the usual cakes, waffles, pies, but the presentation is totally different. I'm not talking about the appearance of the food alone, I'm talking about the generous toppings and serving. Imagine your regular cheesecake at its regular coffee shop price, only with mounds of strawberry slices covering the top! For PhP150-160, I definitely wouldn't regret buying it.

They also offer something new in their menu. Toast. And I'm not talking about french toast. In other Asian countries like Taiwan and South Korea, they offer a kind of pastry dish/dessert (I'm not really sure how to categorize it) made from toast or sliced bread. Slices of bread on top of the other with toppings like cheese or cream or fruits. Caffe Bene has finally brought that dish in the country!

For those who don't really feel like drinking coffee or tea, Caffe Bene also offers gelato. I'm not really fond of gelato but their coffee-flavored gelato is something I would come back for.

For students who need a place where they can peacefully study, the second floor of Caffe Bene would be a perfect place for them. They can choose to stay in 2 or 4-person tables, or on the sofa on the side. Books lined on the walls of the coffee shop make it cozier, and give it a homier feel, especially for book lovers.

Don't get me wrong. This place is not just a good-looking place. Their selection is something to look forward too. As I mentioned earlier, their gelato is something I would go back for. (You can taste the flavor before actually buying a cup so I was able to taste two other flavors, which were equally good.) Their multigrain drink was something my boyfriend and his sister enjoyed. Based on the number of people who frequent this coffee shop and the delicious looking pastries they have, I think this coffee shop has something to offer us coffee lovers. I will definitely go back and try out the other drinks and pastries they have.

Caffe Bene is not just another beautiful coffee shop.

Caffe Bene
Eastwood City Walk (near Coffee bean and Tea Leaf)
Libis, Quezon City

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