08 February 2013

*wink Laser and Wax Studio

A few weeks ago, I ranted (is there such a word?) about my favorite waxing salon in the metro. I was so frustrated that I decided to look for alternatives, or a possible replacement -- a waxing salon I can go to every month to satisfy my girly needs. Fortunately, I came across a voucher on one of the coupon sites I was subscribed to. It was a coupon for a new waxing salon in BGC and it was exactly what I needed! 

Since I'm not really a fan of change, I was a bit hesitant in purchasing the coupon. But I really needed to find another waxing salon because my favorite salon was driving me insane (read my rant here). It looked like a great deal so after a day of thinking about whether it was worth it or not, I took a chance.

And it was worth it! The ambiance of the salon was not just professional, but clean, orderly and welcoming as well. There were around five rooms -- I'm not sure since I only saw five doors when I entered. Each room has a bed, a sink, its own set of waxing materials and cleaning agents. 

They have liquid soap, tissue paper, essential oils and anti-bacterial cream organized neatly on top of the counter. 

The procedure begins with a short interview. Don't worry, it really is very short. The therapist asks first-time clients if they have had any reaction to wax or if they have any skin problems like chicken skin, reddening of the skin, or itchiness. After the short interview, the procedure begins.

The therapists wash their hands thoroughly before handling each client, thus the many bottles you see.

The salon uses three kinds of wax in their procedures. They use soft wax for larger areas like the legs and arms, and hard wax for smaller areas like the underarm. They also have pink wax for waxing facial hair.

From L-R: pink wax, hard wax, soft wax

They use wooden spoons in spreading the wax, and the best part about their service is.. They do NOT double dip! They throw each wooden spoon away after it touches your skin. 

After the treatment, they put essential and anti-bacterial oils on the area to soothe the skin and keep it from developing any irritation.

The view from my mattress.

The procedure took around just 10 minutes. The therapist was very efficient, not to mention knowledgeable and friendly. I could tell she knew what she was doing from the start. Everything went smoothly and without any interruption. 

I would say my first *wink experience was great. I got excellent service, the staff was very accommodating and friendly, and the place looked great. Everything was clean and in order. I got my underarm waxing service for only P160, but this was because of my coupon. The original price of their underarm waxing service is P330, a little steep, I know. But for the service, cleanliness, and accommodation, I think it is worth your money. 


Price Range: P250-P850 for their waxing services (they also have laser hair removal)

5 out of 5 for *wink Laser and Wax Studio

*wink Laser & Wax Studio
3/F C2 Building,
28th cor 7th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City

For a list of all their services, click here.

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