13 February 2012

Hello, ladies. Meet your new best friend: Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin

Last Christmas, I was introduced to a new product. I was supposed to promote the product before it hit the shelves, but I've been busy with other things lately that I haven't had time to write. But, late is better than never, as they say. I am proud to introduce to you all, Jeunesse -- a new sanitary napkin that will amaze women everywhere. Yes, I use the word amaze because that's how I felt when I saw the demo of this product.

It looks like any other sanitary napkin, only thinner. It comes in two kinds, day, and night, and before you pass judgement on this thin napkin, let me tell you how absorbent it is. That's what's important to us, girls anyway, right? 

Day Pad. Actual product.

Jeunesse uses a super-absorbent polymer, which makes it retain more liquid. It also has an anion strip, which helps eliminate odor. Compared to the others I've tried, this is by far the most absorbent sanitary napkin I've come across. I've seen it work its magic with my own two eyes, and it's what got me convinced. Yes, yes. With stuff like this, it's hard to believe without actually seeing. So, for the benefit of the people reading this, I've documented the little absorption experiment I did on this napkin. See pictures below. :)

I used colored water to make the experiment results easier to see. Two sheets of tissue paper were used to check the absorption rate of the napkin.

I poured three tablespoons of the colored water onto the pad.

This is what three tablespoons look like. 

This is how the pad looks like a few seconds after.

The experiment.

As you can see, the two sheets of tissue paper I used were not as wet as one would expect a minute after pouring the liquid. There were tiny dots, but that's as much of the wet part you'll see, even if you try this experiment yourself.

The result. See for yourself.

Now, is that pad absorbent or what?

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins are available in Watsons branches.

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