27 March 2012

안녕, Jang Ga Nae

For our monthly date, Gus and I decided to go Korean. We were supposed to try Ye Dang, but we decided to check the Korean carinderia I was telling him about. We didn't end up eating there because he wanted a Korean place where he could grill the samgyeupsal himself. We eventually found ourselves in one of the more formal restaurants along Escriva Drive, which had table grills -- Jang Ga Nae.

Since we were both very hungry, we immediately ordered what we were craving for: bibimbap, and samgyeupsal. While waiting for our meals to arrive, the server brought us a pitcher of cold tea (yes, cold tea!) We were actually surprised, but very pleased, with the cold tea. It was the first Korean restaurant we've been to, which served cold tea instead of just plain water.

Cold Tea

As much as we were pleased with our drink, we were a bit bothered because no one had served us our appetizers yet. We started to look around to check if the place served appetizers, even just a small plate of kimchi, but saw none. We started to wonder if this Korean restaurant would also be the first to NOT serve appetizers. Thankfully, after a couple more minutes, someone arrived with four plates of appetizers -- sweet potatoes, beansprouts, pickled cucumber, and the traditional kimchi. Not long after the server left, another one came with another set of appetizers -- tofu, another kind of kimchi, AND Korean pancake. Yes! They served pajeon as an appetizer! And that's not where it ends. After thinking that all the appetizers have been served, the server came with a big bowl of salad!


After the surprising appetizer attack, we were also served with two bowls of soup. This was very new to us because we usually just get appetizers whenever we dine in a Korean restaurant. No complaints though. We loved it. Around 10 minutes later, our meals arrived. Sadly, Gus still wasn't able to grill his own samgyeupsal because the restaurant only allows table grilling if you order two or more servings of samgyeupsal, or any other meat. We got his samgyeupsal already grilled, with big lettuce leaves, fresh garlic, and sauce to accompany it. 


My bibimbap came soon after. It didn't have any meat in it. Just pure vegetables, rice, and egg. It was a bit surprising because I was used to eating bibimbap with a little meat in it. It was good bibimbap, although I still prefer Korea Garden's bibimbap.

Dolsot Bibimbap

A few minutes into our main dishes, which we enjoyed greatly, we realized how full we already were. The appetizers were so filling we almost didn't get to finish the rest of our food. But we still finished everything to the last piece of meat! And of course, the meal won't be complete without dessert. We enjoyed a refreshing slice of pineapple to cap off our meal. For free!

Free dessert!

The verdict? MUST TRY. You will surely be satisfied after eating in this Korean restaurant. They have a generous spread of appetizers, the food and service was great, and they had warm towelettes at the end of the meal. A very filling meal for P600. Little pleasures in life.

Price Range: P250-400/person

4.5 out of 5 for Jang Ga Nae (just because we weren't able to grill food, they didn't tell us about it.)

Jang Ga Nae
G/F 8137 Plaza,
J. Escriva Drive
Pasig City
Phone Number: (63 2) 633-6960

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