26 March 2012

Eat My English

At first glance, one would think that this little hole-in-the-whole restobar is of Korean origin. With Korean restaurants and karaoke centers surrounding it, one would be quick to assume that this too, is a Korean establishment. It is not. Eat My English is a restaurant/bar that serves affordable Filipino, and American dishes, alcoholic beverages, and your usual pulutan (snacks to go with your beer/shots).

We chanced upon this restobar while looking for a 24/7 restaurant that serves Beef Steak or Beef Tapa. The name of the place caught our attention so we decided to have a look-see. To our surprise, they offered both at very reasonable prices so we decided to stay and check the rest of the menu. 

I decided to get my Beef Tapa, as originally planned. For only P98, I got crispy beef tapa, egg, and garlic rice. The tapa was really good, a mix between salty and sour, not the typical sweet tapa other restaurants would offer. Their vinegar mixture complimented the salty/sour flavor of the tapa. The garlic rice was real, garlic rice. Not just a cup of rice topped with garlic flakes. However, the serving was not enough for one meal. I had to roder an extra cup of rice to finish my food.


Gus ordered Pork Binagoongan. Their version of binagoongan was a real "must try". The sauce was a dish on its own. As they would say in Filipino, "Sauce pa lang, ulam na." It was so good, he also needed an extra cup of rice to finish everything. This meal is only P85.

Pork Binagoongan

While waiting for our food, we decided to try their kropek. Their serving of kropek came with two kinds of sauces -- vinegar, and peanut sauce. Surprisingly, the peanut sauce complimented the kropek. You can also try mixing both sauces for a different twist. The price is a bit steep though.

Kropek with Peanut Sauce

Since both of us are soup people, we decided to try their Clam Soup. They were very generous with the clams that we both thought that this was a good buy for P110.00. However, don't expect anything special with this soup. It is just your regular bowl of clear soup with sauteed clams. But don't get me wrong. It was still delicious. 

Clam Soup

We are definitely recommending this place for those who want to chill/relax after a hard week's work. They have good, inexpensive food, and alcoholic beverages (Yes! Inexpensive beer can be found here), though the rice serving on the meals is a little less than your usual, you might need an extra cup. The ambiance is also not as good as your typical restobar though, but still, it's something you can bear, considering the inexpensive food and drinks.

Price Range: P100-150/person

3.5 out of 5 for Eat My English (just because the ambiance means a lot to me)

Eat My English
88 Meralco Avenue,
Goldpark Complex
Pasig City
Phone Number: (63 2) 683-0449

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