06 October 2011

26 September 2006

I got my first ever Apple product on that day. My dad had sent two Macbook laptops for me and my sister. At first, it was amazing, but then. confusion and fear set in. What is an Apple laptop anyway? Apart from hearsay that it doesn't get infected with viruses, there was nothing else we knew, or could say about it. We had no idea how to use it. Even turning it on was a problem.

But that was just an hour or so, of a lifetime relationship that was about to unfold.

It took me just a couple of hours to tinker around my new-found love. After an hour of confusion, hesitation, fear, I was already opening every application, giving it a quick scan, giving myself a short brief on what it is for and what it does. In just a week, I conquered an Apple.

Since then, my life was changed. I fell in love with Apple, with Steve. He was such a genius! Throughout my five years in college, my Macbook was there for me. I typed my first college essay using it, typed my first A college paper in it, kept many memories of my college life in it. It was with me when I felt my first heartbreak, it witnessed my craziest self, partied with me and my friends, trembled with me and my groupmates during class presentations. In short, it witnessed a quarter of my present life now, and helped me endure those years.

Some people may not like Steve Jobs. They may not see what he did to the world. But to some of us who are very grateful for his products, remember that at least one Macbook helped a college student type his thesis, at least one iPod saved an emotional teenager from thinking about ending life by providing him with music to listen to during "those" times, and at least one iPhone made someone smile when he received it as a gift. 

I don't know how else to describe it, or how I can put my thoughts into words. All I can say is, I feel very blessed for being a part of the iGeneration. 

I now have my iTouch with me. Please watch over my Macbook and my first iPod video there. Tell them not to get my iTouch first. It's too early for me to lose another Apple product. 

Thank you for a job well done, Steve Jobs. You changed the world. :)

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