29 September 2011

something new: Chicken Deli

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Hello, friends! If ever you're tired of the same old, same old inasal places you see everywhere, then do stop by this new inasal place we discovered in Quezon City! Yes, I am promoting this new inasal place because 1) I really want to help them advertise their restaurant because I enjoyed my first dining experience with them; and 2) they really have good food and service worth sharing with others! :) It's called Chicken Deli, and its specialty include the finest from Bacolod -- Chicken Inasal. Apart from the Star of the Restaurant, Chicken Deli also offers other specialty dishes like batchoy, sisig, and kare-kare.

What makes this inasal place different from the rest? For one, this is the first inasal place I've gone to which offers its specialty inasal in an alternative flavor -- spicy. I know the pioneer inasal restaurants have started to offer its patrons the spicy version of inasal, but I've noticed that they only offer the spicy version on certain chicken parts. In Chicken Deli, you can choose to have your pechopak (breast + wing) or your paa (leg + thigh) part, all spiced up just by adding P5 on top of your desired meal's price. Apart from their spicy version of the inasal, this new inasal restaurant also offers unlimited bowls of rice, and soup, at no extra cost. I know the unlimited rice is nothing new to most of us, but their unlimited soup is. For a change, I wasn't afraid to ask the waiter for seconds and thirds of their hot and flavorful broth soup. And, to top off the good meal, Chicken Deli really has good service. You don't have to raise your hand and call an attendant's attention, or wait forever, just to get your second serving of rice or soup. The attendants come to you and offer!

Don't worry, this place may offer something new to its diners, but rest assured, all the elements of an inasal dinner is kept preserved. The vinegar, soy sauce, and chicken oil bottles one would usually find in any inasal place, are available on each table. The inasal meals come with calamansi and chili too. And of course, the main course is grilled to perfection.

So if you're tired of the same old, same old, visit Chicken Deli at SM Annex, and try their inasal for yourself. It's as affordable as the other inasal places we've tried, maybe even cheaper. For P99, you can enjoy a big piece of inasal chicken with unlimited rice and soup, plus, you get to taste the difference. :)

Price Range: P99-129/person

5 out of 5 for Chicken Deli

Chicken Deli
3/L SM Annex
EDSA, Quezon City, Philippines

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