27 September 2011

fit for two: Tokyo Tokyo's Sumo Meal Remix

A couple of weekends ago, I accompanied Gus to a car shop to have his car fixed. We decided to pass by Shangrila Plaza for a while before heading home, to just look around. We ended up eating (as usual), after hours of walking around, looking at bread, clothes, shoes. We even stumbled upon the Mooncake Festival Celebration held the the mall's atrium. :D

For lunch, we decided to eat at Tokyo Tokyo. There were so many restaurants we checked out, and knowing us, we had a hard time deciding where to go. Fortunately, Gus had been craving for some Tokyo Tokyo for quite some time now, and seeing the restaurant made our lives easier that day.

We only had one thing that day: Tokyo Tokyo's Sumo Meal. Even if the restaurant of the day came to us in 1-2-3, the decision on what food to order, didn't. We switched between bowls and meat, seafood or cow, fried or stir-fried, up to the side dishes, but in the end, we both agreed to just grab a Sumo Meal since we were able to meet halfway with it. How?

I wanted to try Tokyo Tokyo's new kani salad. Gus wanted to try their new ebi sushi. We got both. As for the main course, he wanted the misono, I didn't know what to get. I was choosing between any of the meals that came with soup, or their version of fried chicken. In the end, Gus suggested we go for the sumo meal. We could get soup, both the misono and the fried chicken, plus, it came with a drink! Can you meet me halfway? ;)

So here's what we had and what we thought of it:

Kani Salad

The lettuce leaves were leaves. I was expecting the usual shredded lettuce, or at least leaves that were more, bite-size, but it was fine. Just a bit messy to eat because of the large lettuce leaves. The mayo was kind of disappointing too. It was just regular mayonnaise, not Japanese mayo. As for the other ingredients, the cucumber and crabstick were just fine. They were the usual size, and in just the right amount. Not too little, not too much. But the best part of the salad was the mangoes! The mangoes were sweet and weren't just small shreds. The mangoes were cubed, and it gave the salad just the right amount of sweetness to it. For an unauthentic kani salad, this was pretty good. The only downside? It was quite expensive for such a small serving. (Don't be confused. The serving size is small, but the portioning of the ingredients aren't. They were generous with each ingredient.)

Ebi Sushi 
4 pieces

Their new sushi line has one great tasting sushi so far. The ebi sushi. We haven't tasted the others yet so we can't compare, but, we can say that the ebi sushi is good. The ebi sushi is exactly that -- sushi with shrimp in the middle for filling. It's like your usual sushi roll, but with a chunk of tempura in the middle. Yep, tempura. Not just fresh shrimp. This was really good, not to mention, they served it with real Japanese mayo, which made it tastier. I wouldn't mind buying a set for P59.

And now, for the main course. The Sumo Meal.

Beef Misono with Fried Chicken Karaage

So, this is halfway. We both got what we wanted. Gus, his misono. I, with my karaage. The best part about this meal was that it also came with unlimited rice! Imagine our surprise. Two, hungry, food lovers, served with unlimited rice and big portions of meat and vegetables! I think you guys can see how big the chicken pieces are. Not just big, TWO big pieces. I was expecting just a piece of chicken and the beef misono, not two large chicken pieces, and beef misono. There is a downside to this big meal, though. Some parts of the chicken had really thick breading. Good thing the breading wasn't bad. It also had some flavor to it, not just the typical bland breading. I was just hoping for more meat instead of breading on the sides. The beef was just the same. Same old beef stir-fry with those little red pickled veggies on top. But combined with hot rice on every spoonful, it was a delight! The vegetable sidings were also the same old vegetable siding recipe they've had for years. Just like the previous times I've eaten in Tokyo Tokyo, I like how their vegetable sidings has a rich buttery taste.

Overall, this little lunch escapade was a great one. We were full and satisfied. If you're looking for an instant, inexpensive Japanese fill, I can recommend Tokyo Tokyo. Just don't expect the best, okay? This is still a fast food chain. But it is enough to satisfy hungry tummies at an inexpensive cost. 

Price Range: P180-200/person for a set meal with drinks

5 out 5 for Tokyo Tokyo's Sumo Meal and Sushi

Tokyo Tokyo
1st Level, Shangri-la Plaza Mall,
EDSA cor Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Phone Number: (02) 687-7778

Contact details courtesy of: http://www.munchpunch.com/3378/tokyo-tokyo-shangri-la-plaza-mall

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