18 January 2016

#DoItAllBella: Pantene Pro-V's 3-Minute Miracle

I may be months late but it's because I really want to sample and see the results of products I try.  A couple of months ago, BDJ (Belle de Jour) sent me a trial pack of Pantene's newest product – the 3-Minute Miracle.  The pack had a small bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and the 3-Minute Miracle conditioner.  According to its packaging, the 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner will make your hair "stronger, shinier, and smoother in just three minutes."  Sounds impossible and kinda unbelievable, right?  Yes, but with Pantene, not really.

I have really bad hair.  I need to have it rebonded every year or constantly iron or blow dry it to make it look smooth and fine, and avoid hair fall (my hair tends to tangle and end up sticky once it grows out, thus more hair getting snipped.)  Since I had my hair colored last year, I had to wait for a full year before having it rebonded again.  I had to deal with ironing my hair almost every day and using so much conditioner just to make it tangle less with all the other strands.  It was a nightmare. :(

When I got my sample pack, I didn't try it right away.  I waited until I finished my bottles of shampoo and conditioner (I'm kuripot like that).  Once I tried it, my first impressions were: (1) it smelled great; and (2) my hair did feel softer than usual.

I continued using it up until I got my hair rebonded a couple of weeks back.  I actually bought a bigger one last week and so far, I only have good things to say about it.  My hair has gotten smoother and has looked healthier and softer, even without blowdrying.  After I had it treated, the smell of the chemicals they used stuck to my hair and no matter how much shampoo or conditioner I used, it just smelled the same.  The smell usually lasts for a couple of days only but it's been a week and I can still smell the chemicals they used.  However, when I used this miracle-in-a-tube, I was so surprised when my hair did not smell bad anymore.  My hair smelled great, again. It also helped keep my hair healthy after the rebonding.  My stylist was so afraid that my hair would go dry after the rebond since I had it colored the year before and kept insisting that I avail of their P5,000 hair treatment to protect my hair from the rebonding chemicals.  I declined and decided to trust my gut and just use this product after.  It was a good call.  My hair still feels soft and looks great even after the rebonding.  I've also had less hair fall since I started using it.

How good is this product?  It's become a part of my daily routine. :)

Price: P139.50 for the 180-mL tube (Hi-Top Supermarket)

5 out of 5 for Pantene Pro-V's 3-Minute Miracle Hair Fall Conditioner

BDJ Box (trial pack)
Hi-Top Supermarket (180-mL tube)
Q. Avenue, Quezon City

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