25 April 2012

Hot, hot hot! Buffalo Wings 'n Things

Gus picked me up from work two nights ago, and I thought of dropping by Wings 'n Things along De la Rosa. But because of bladder issues, we weren't able to have late dinner anywhere. We had to go straight home.

We finally got to try Buffalo Wings 'n Things yesterday. Since I love buffalo wings, Gus made me choose which kind we would try. They had the traditional, New York style buffalo wings, wings for the faint of heart, wings for risk takers, and wings for the brave. Since we've tried a couple of buffalo wings that weren't really spicy, despite their claims, I was a bit skeptical about their "hot" buffalo wings. I've tried "really spicy" buffalo wings that only had a hint of chili and something sour. Out of doubt, I decided to get their Level 5 buffalo wings: the Armageddon.

Since Gus couldn't live without iced tea, and I couldn't live without my rice, we also ordered a glass of their Downtown Iced Tea, and a cup of their Dirty Rice. Just to be safe, we ordered some bleu cheese dip to go along with our wings, in case it lives up to its name.

When the wings arrived, we tried it first sans the dip. It tasted like the usual buffalo wings -- a hint of spiciness and sourness, mixing inside your mouth. But after our second bite, there it was. Armageddon!   Their wings were really hot! And I mean spicy hot. It stung your tongue and left a lingering sizzle on your lips. Trust me, people can attest to my high threshold for spicy food. The bleu cheese and dirty rice complemented it well. It was a perfect meal and/or beer chow.

For dessert, we tried their New York Cheesecake Ice Cream. It wasn't as I expected, but then again, this is the first time I'm hearing of a cheesecake ice cream. Plus, I got curious. Aside from the ice cream helping with the spiciness, I'd have to say it was an interesting one. It had cheesecake crust bits, some blueberry topping, and vanilla ice cream. But I'm not really sure if it was plain vanilla ice cream or if it's blueberry ice cream. I couldn't tell where the blueberry flavor was coming from -- the actual blueberry topping or the ice cream. But hey, the ice cream was good. It was different too. The cheesecake crust bits were topped with the ice cream, and the ice cream was topped with the blueberry. Cheesecake ice creams I usually hear of have the cheesecake mixed in it.

This was definitely a good find. The wings were spicy, just as advertised. The dip goes well with the spiciness. The rice was not boring. And the dessert was different-good. And the best part? The service and price were excellent. The staff was very friendly, attentive and accommodating. They were all smiles from the moment we entered up until we left. The price was also very "friendly." Budget-friendly that is. Half a pound of wings for only P144. But you do have to order the dip separately. The dip costs P29 for every order of wings. Unfortunately, I can't find the photos we took. :[ But trust me. This is a good wings place. ;)

They changed their menu though. Click here to see their updated menu

Price Range: P150-300/person

5 out of 5 for Buffalo Wings 'n Things

Buffalo Wings 'n Things
de la Rosa St.
Makati City

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